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Hardstylerz - Demote Request

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  1. Your ingame name: V4POR
  2. The player's name who you are reporting: H@rD$tYleRzz! (also known as Destro)
  3. Which server are you requesting this: MTA Race
  4. The reason why this player should get demoted: incompetency for being a mod, ramming and blocking as a mod, insulting as a mod, taking exceptions with players


Before you read this post, I advise you to read this one as well: 



I'm not doing this for fun. But when a moderator(!) rams you (and even blocks you) at all 3 rounds on the map, then I get muted by him, just because I got upset (by his dirty driving), I don't really find it fair and I think it's not the right thing to do from a moderator, especially when there was already a report about him from another player. From one year ago. 

I will show the entire incident to you from today. 


I know I ain't a saint either for that insult. Should it count as breaking the rules? Maybe. Could it have been avoidable? Definitely, if he drives cleanIy (minimal requirement for a moderator), then I wouldn't get fustrated, and wouldn't have said such things in anger. I try to be nice with everyone, or at least being neutral. But when someones keeps ramming or blocking me intentionally, I lose my coolness. This applies for most of the players, even staff players get angry for that on race. 

The "fucking idiot" was after the 3rd time when he screwed up my race. Why can't he race clearly? Don't really get it. Does he have some personal issues with me? Tell me about it in private message, I'm listening. At the 3rd occassion he just pit-manuevered me (as a MOD, I repeat!), for whatever reason, but of course he asked about my sanity.

He could just say sorry for ramming and blocking me, but no, that would be too easy, and would hurt his ego. Was just more simple to throwing around with my insult and threatening with mute. A moderator doesn't do stuff like that. A moderator would say sorry if he rams or blocks unintentionally. Or even if he does it intentionally, he should realize he shouldn't have done that and apologize afterwards. Then I would say sorry for that insult. Not that complicated, or is it.

And I don't overreact this. If people think it wasn't intentional, then idk what is intentional at all. 




(This scene happened at the 2nd round of the map. At the 3rd round, he pit-manuevered me intentionally, sadly I didn't capture that.)

A few weeks ago, he blocked me on a CoreMarker map as well. 


Sadly I didn't capture it (I wish, because you would see how he doesn't mind server rules while he is a MOD). But he was waiting for me with a rocket at the sewers part of the map, which is close to the finish. I thought he just stopped and gave up the map, going afk, whatever. Then he just shot me with the rocket, while he skipped checkpoints of the map. Shooting with rocket is part of that map, it wouldn't be a problem, but when he does it while skipping checkpoints and going to the end of the map, then it's considered as blocking. I don't make up stuff like that with no reason, it literally happened, even if he won't confess it.

Then he pretended like nothing happened. Does he think I am stupid? So idk why, but it seems like he has some personal issues with me. Had the same problem with a previous admin, and they were used to be in the same clan in the past, interestingly.

Which isn't right, because as a mod and as admin, you have to threat every person equally, yet it seems like people just forget this, and this wasn't the first case with this problem. As he took exceptions with Polish players, like Okan stated previously.

You also saw what kind of messages he sent in private messages. Clearly not tolerable words from a moderator. No further comments.



This person is just too egoistic and not mature enough to be a moderator, degrades players (calling me "not normal", and insult with racism addressed to Okan),he only sees benefits within the role he earned. I explained my problems about his driving style, and all he wrote is "ok mute" and "are you crazy", totally ignoring my point of view, and the only thing which matters to him is abusing his moderator role, block/ram me, then muting me for getting upset. (not mentioning that he insulted an another player in pm before.)


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Additional note:

"there are days when there is no admin or moderator, and on server enters noobs players and make clutters chat trash and makes it difficult for others to play server participants. They impudently block vehicles and break the rules.

I visit the server very often virtually every day, so I think I would be able to make sure that nobody breaks the rules on the server."

Taken from his admin application. (though he can't even do his moderator job properly.)

Years later: blocks and rams on different maps, insults in pm, let other players block.

That's why regular players should give feedback about a given staff about his/her job. Because not everyone takes their job seriously, and not everyone suit for the role, even if it's not paid. That doesn't mean you should use your role for your own benefits.

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