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Are you crashing in TF2 since the update?


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Do you mean it just leaves TF2 like that? I don't have that but since yesterday (first time I played since the update so) when I want to go in my inventory it writes something like it couldn't connect to Steam so I can't use my hats etc...

So I have my characters,without any hats.It doesn't do that all the time though.

Also, worst problem is that sometimes when I press the escape button, it displays the menu but I can't click on anything (and what is weird is that it continues playing, if I push arrows I can move,and when I want to click on an option it shoots with the current weapon o_o Also it bugged me, I wanted to change my class but then I cancelled but it made me go on the menu,still unclickable, and if I press esc I come back to the change class menu and I can't click etc...)

Really weird.

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Neither there is rule about giving some food for those music loving africans, yet people do.

That, my friend, is called caring.

I don't write like this, because I know it would annoy people, and other people know that too and thus they don't do it either.

EDIT: Neither do I use ^____^ because it is also annoying.

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It's not me crashing, it's not the server crashing, but it's everyone in the server crashing.

It was scary yesterday, when I left the PL server it was full. I came back to play around 20 minutes later, and the server was totally empty. I was convinced that everyone must have been eaten by zombies.

Then the server slowly build up again, but just the moment that creepy horn from the Soldier sounded, we all crashed again.

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Rena, just care to the rules ok? None is posting in color, except for important things, but most of the times it's Top crew who uses it.

As Hundred said, it gives the impression you absolutely want to be seen, which is not really a good thing(I don't know how is it in your kawaii forums but here we don't use color to post :o )

Oh no, not that again...

By the way, what's the point with all those fonts if we aren't allowed to use them? It gives a certain character to your post. U_U

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