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TF2 shop item descriptions


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Since people have a lot of questions about the shop items, I'll describe all I can here.

You can also type "!itemhelp" ingame once you spawned. It'll show you info on some of the special abilities currently active for that class.

Some items expire after some time (the others will last forever). After an item expires you can re-buy it in the shop for a new period :)

And now the list:

Metal / Steel Forging


Class: Engineer

Requirements: None

Description: Restores 3 / 6 metal per second

Useful for: Anything! Don't have to go running for metal each time.



Expires after 30 days.

Class: Any

Requirements: Be in an non-Arena server

Description: You respawn pretty much instantly (2 seconds)

Useful for: You drop right back in the action of course! Nice for impatient people like me!

Lock 'n Load


Expires after 30 days.

Class: Any

Requirements: Only works for weapons that consume ammo. Duh.

Description: Gives you 2x the amount of ammo at spawn or after going to a supply closet. Ammo crates won't restore more than the default amount though!

Useful for: Do you know how bloody fast you're through your grenade ammo normally?

The Invisible Man


Class: Spy

Requirements: Only refills when your cloak would normally refill (so while you're not cloaked).

Description: Faster cloak regeneration.

Useful for: Infiltration missions and backstabbing people that thought they killed you twice.



Class: Medic

Requirements: None

Description: Faster uber gauge filling.

Useful for: Being invincible faster than the other team.

Sapper Throw


Class: Spy

Requirements: None

Description: Allows you to throw your sapper, which will temporarily (5 seconds) disable any building in a range of a few meters. Can't be broken.

How to use: Equip the sapper and throw using the reload button.

Useful for: Quickly disabling sentries from a small distance.



Class: Pyro

Requirements: At least 10 flamethrower fuel. But more is advised.

Description: Allows you to use your flamethrower fuel for jetpack bursts.

How to use: jump, then press and hold the jump key again.

Useful for: It won't sent you into orbit, but it does give you enough of a boost to clear some nasty gaps and flank the other team.

Disguise Jutsu


Class: Pyro

Requirements: You need to have the Backburner equipped.

Description: You disguise as a barrel.

How to use: Hold the backburner, crouch, and press the secondary fire reload button.

Useful for: It makes the Backburner twice as useful, since people are actually walking right past and exposing their backs to you! It's also damn funny.



Class: Medic

Requirements: None.

Description: You can use your ubercharge to heal yourself.

How to use: Equip the medigun / kritzkrieg, and hold your secondary fire button.

Useful for: Healing yourself, duh!

Super Scout Bros


Class: Scout

Requirements: Be good at jumping on people

Description: Jump on an enemy's head to cause a short blackout. They'll be slower for a second and their screen will fade to gray for a moment.

Useful for: Generating hilarious scenes. More funny than actually useful, but good jumpers might get an advantage from it.

Metal Hopper


Class: Engineer

Requirements: None

Description: Build a dispenser, stand on it, and destroy it. Jump while destroying to launch somewhat higher. The blast and launch are must stronger if you upgrade your dispenser first and allow it to fill up with metal.

Useful for: Jumping to higher locations to build your nest.

Marking Shot


Class: Sniper

Requirements: Only works with the sniper rifle

Description: Any enemy you hit will get a small beacon for about 10 seconds.

Useful for: You see your enemy hiding just around the corner.

Sleep Switch


Class: Engineer

Requirements: None

Description: Allows you to put your sentry in standby.

How to use: Build a sentry, and put it to sleep by pressing the secondary fire while having the wrench equipped. During this 'sleep' your sentry will regain any lost health slowly. It's more vulnerable of course.

Useful for: You're out of metal or you don't want to spend metal on repairs.

Flying Doctor


Class: Medic

Requirements: None

Description: You can stick to your stickie-jump-happy teammates by pulling yourself towards them when they launch themselves.

How to use: Start holding your jump key just before your target launches himself. Once he's off the ground, you'll be pulled towards him.

Useful for: Healing everybody in need, no matter how far they'll fly.

Centrifuge Rotor


Class: Heavy

Requirements: None

Description: When you crouch and spin up the minigun barrel, you become practically immovable.

Useful for: You can't be airblasted or shot back easily.

Adrenaline Dash


Class: Soldier

Requirements: Need to have the shovel equiped

Description: After using the shovel taunt, you can launch enemies aside by dashing towards them. The dash is broken after a few seconds, or if you move any way but forward. Launched targets won't take damage from the launch, only fall damage afterwards.

Useful for: Break enemy formations and cause chaos.

If you guys still have questions, post them here.

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the only thing I keep wondering is for how long, I know I know Ywa and error keep telling me that it's below the items. But I don't have enouhg coins for +50% so it doesn't show for how long. or are only the insta respawn and ammo 30 days limit??


Why do you still ask if people answer you, when it's so obvious.

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There seems to be a problem with the 'no respawn time' thing. People that have this can run away immedeately, even if the round starts. It's called 're-spawn', so they haven't spawned before, so shouldn't been allowed spawning at the beginning of a new round, before everybody else can move. This can cause unfair advantages.

Can this be fixed?

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I've seen this shizzle happen on the CTF/CP server and the Arena server.

Clavus probably means non-MrG TF2 servers.

I have seen it happen on another server, but it had the same plug-ins :')

At least that means it's not the shop plugin.

I'll try it out on a clean server, brb

I made my own server and I couldn't move before round start, so perhaps it is some kind of plugin

Try it on a clean dedicated.

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