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Mr. Green Gaming

Bout time we had a match

Silver Dot

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Server: Not Yet Decided.

List of people playing:


Silver Dot, Sniper.

Rogue, Assualt.

Njittie, Support.

Violence, Assualt.

Clavus, Random.

Error401, Random.

Sneed, Rifleman.


Donlan, Support.

Botervloot, Rifleman.

Scream, Rifleman.

Nobana, Support/MG.


CarPileUp, Support.





Official Time: Friday 12th March 2010, 6:00 PM GMT.

Time Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/

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Aight, first post will be updated daily, we will need admins to set up a server just for the match, or lock the first server, and a nice time for everyone, possibly Saturday or Friday night.

Please, everyone that wants to join in, please state your wanted team and class, each class will have a max of 3 slots.

Sniper and MG and Rocket will have 2.

Reserves: People that are backups, if someone won't be able to join, the reserve will take over for him.

Reserves also state your team and class and if your a reserve, example:

Reserve, Axis, MG.

don't tl;dr me bitches

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