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Gameserver: The Gmod servers, Mainly the Infected Wars server.

Age: 15 years (16 on feburary 25)

Country of origin: Norway

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/notte

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Notte not only comment addmins apps :o Now im making one XD

Well my name is Andreas and im gonna app for the Gmod servers. Im a adault person, soo i know the diferent between skillz and hax. Im a very well known person on the server ( you may call me addicted) and im good friend whit all the players and the admins ( IRL >: D) soo i know mostly how the admins work and handle the different situations that may arise. Im always happy for new players and always try to make them stay playing :D

I see that most of the Gmod admins play at the ZS sever and i know IW dont have admin online all the time. A litte while ago when Sacrificals PC was broken it was only toaster( some times the other admins) who guarded the server. And i think IW need more than two active admins.

Im now have over 220 hours at the server since october 2009, but have been a "back seat player" whit ozzy and Sacrifical since 2008, and know were possible bug/exploit can occu.

On the server im called Nøtte, and i can say im the very good medic XD I got over 50k heal points and I have, obviously, all the Suppies shop upgrades :P I have only 86% of the achevments cuz im more happy whit heal and support my team whit ammo :D

Im also one of the "students" to "Mads the exploiter" He taught me how to find exploits. But unlike him, i dont want to find exploits to cheat. I want to block them all. Exploiting is not a part of the game ;)

If you read the app you see that i have a little bad english, well im a dyslexic :( People understand what i mean but my spelling and grammar is a litte bad. Hope this is not a problem :D

Thaks for your time :D

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Best IW medic = Notte

He has the medic suit and is one of the few people that actually know how to play that class.

He is also very helpful. He helped me block some exploits on a few maps last weekend. (I make a block, he tries to get through)

Good luck Mr. Peanut Medic :D

Oh and btw, I ate the cake.

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Anything you miss? :P know its not a perfect app XD

Sadly there is no perfect App. :(

I have to say that you are a very good candidate.

I've tried once but I was declined, I'm actually glad that happened since i dont want to be stuck too the same game :P

Your english has improved alot and atleast we can understand you.

Soo good luck is all I can say.

Good luck!!

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Sorry Notte, but i think that you cant be... because your name is so...


Jk! ;D

Your Admin app is Really good and I have known you for a REALLY long time on iw (science It appeared!).

We both are Medic team (i have medix suit too :P)! Keep choosing it! :D


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  • 2 weeks later...

mmm.. sorry for the bump thing, but just recalled you had a open apply and wanted to say a few words.

i dont really know you and I dont really want to flame with anyone. By other people's opinion you are a really nice dude and i dont judge that. I just want to make clear that you kinda tend to be a big (imo) troll on people that you dont know's applications.

I dont really am active on other games and dont know what is going on there. But i dont go to people's applies @ other games and saying their apply sucks and they are noobs etc.. so i hope you dont do the same.instead of that you could help them a bit.

I wont write more stuff here. dont want to piss people.

good luck with your apply dude, dont have anything against you, just my opinion here. (:

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