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[MW2] Zombie Survival? In my Modern Warfare?


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Okay, me and few other fellows we're messing around in private match while we got idea.

Zombie Survival.

As we all know, Infinity Ward is retarded and can't release any sort of modding tools, so don't get your hopes up. That's right, no need for erection.

How is it done?

Simple. Private match, team deathmatch and some trustworthy friends.

Everyone expect for one person joins the "good guys" (Navy SEALS, Rangers or TF141),

these guys are the humans.

And then the one joins the "bad guys" (Spetsnaz, OpFor or Militia), as you prodably guessed, this is the zombie team. Zombies have unlimited lives, while humans don't. Die once as human and you need to join the zombie team (this is why you can only play this with trustworthy friends)

The rules (if you play with us)

To make it more fun for the humans, and still so that zombies don't ragequit right away, you need rules. These are the ones we have when we play.

Killstreak rewards that are NOT allowed

Care package - Can give one of the ones not allowed

Attack helicopter - Basically makes it living hell for any zombie who isnt cold-blooded.

Harrier - Same as above.

Pavelow - Same as above.

Emergency airdrop - See care package.

Nuke - Guess why?

Perks that are NOT allowed

Scavenger - unlimited ammo makes it boring quickly, and isn't fun for the zombies.

One Man Army - same as above.

Zombies and what they are allowed to use

As you prodably guessed, zombies are only allowed to use knives to kill.

However, they have some extra stuff to help them.

Special grenades - Stun grenades and smoke grenades. Flashbangs are NOT allowed.

Throwing knife - This only allowed for use when you are the only zombie around, so you don't have to suffer when those nasty humans camp alone.

Tactical insertion - To get to the enemy quickly.

Riot Shield - Riot infected yay!

Also, if it isn't too obvious to you: Zombies are NOT allowed to use killstreak


Ideal maps for Zombie Survival

Rust - this is the best map for ZS in my opinion, as zombies dont have to run that far to

get you, so there is always action.

Skidrow - I like this one because of the indoor areas and because it's not that open. Most

of the campspots in normal mp have multiple entry points for those brainhungry zombies to

get you from.

Can I join the fun?

Sure! Just remember these rules if you are playing with us (Me, No One, Stealthcat and Chickennugget1).

Contact me on steam if interested.

Comments, suggestions?

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