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Behemoth Damage


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Theres no bigger killing machine in IW than the Behemoth (ok wharghoul is still better)

but after a while I started to wonder: HOW THE HECK DOES THE DAMAGE CALCULATION WORK ?

After trying some things as behemoth it fells like the damage is random

Why ? here are some cases that happened and possible explanations:

Case 1 : I have full suit & health ---> behe does 100 dmg , suit is gone

Case 2 : I have full suit & health ---> behe does 200(WTF?) dmg, nearly dead

Case 3 : I have over 9000 hp ---> behe simply one hit kills me (not very common)

Case 4 : I have 30 suit & 40 health---> behe does 30 dmg(lol que ?), only the SUIT is drained

Its strange why only the suit ? Is the old Behe-can-only-drain-the-rest-of-the-suit bug still there ?

And what also bugs me is the Damage multiplier... TBH I never experienced any multiplications

the most common case for me is the old behe does 100 Damage no matter how many people are on the server.

It could be that im blind but could someone explain it to me ? Or give me a behe Damage formula ?

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Behe just drain suit, that's the normal. But some times you get "amour bug". Behe make Dmg to suit and health.

It's several teories for why this happen.

1. Headshot is one hit ko.

2. If more than 16 players a direct hit is one hit ko.

3. The behe make dubble dmg in 0.000001 sec whit one meatball, cuz of a bug. First suit and after that health. ( that's what most people think)

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The meatrocket creates an explosion on impact. It does not handle headshots or anything, it just explodes once it detects a physics impact.

The explosion has the following parameters:

Ent:SetKeyValue("iMagnitude", math.max(8*(team.NumPlayers(TEAM_HUMAN)),40))
Ent:SetKeyValue("iRadiusOverride", 120)

I don't know exactly how explosion damage is handled, but as you can see, normally it does 8 * number-of-human-players damage, with a minimum of 40. Range is 120 units (inches I think).

The damage behaves a little unpredictable now and then, I never really sorted out what factors are involved. At least it keeps players away from the Behemoth, so it's a good thing.

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I think it is the same as hundred said.

Though I find it hard to belive.. How can it NOT hit 2 hitboxes at the same time? :S

The hitbox theory is; It hits the head and stomach at the same time, so it deals damage to both. 100 suit drained from the head, then 100 hp drained from the body.

But what I don't get, is that the "armor bug" only happens about once every 20th shot (it happens more ofthen the more players are online)

But even with few players, should'nt it hit 2 hitboxes every time? I mean, its an explosion?

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I have noticed this:

The first hit will wipe out all armor. Nothing more.

Example: You have 10 suit. Behemoth fires only destroying suit. (Only did 10 dmg)

I take advantage of this and regen while the behemoth is experiencing cooldown time. As long as the behemoth doesn't have help, you coil stand there for almost the full round without taking any damage to your health.

A lot of people don't know about this and it usualy results in a "OMG TOASTER IS ADMIN ABUSING AND USING GODMODE!!!"

Only other thing is what is commonly known as "armor bug"

Armor bug should really be called Behemoth Rocket Bug because it is not armor that is failing.

In armor bug the meatrocket seems to do 200 damage instead of the normal 100.

Most people mistake this when there are over 10 humans. When there are over 10 humans the meatrocket does double the damage anyways.

The experienced players know this, but use it as an excuse for dying.

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how about what just happend I got 1hit killed (fullarmor and health) by splash damage of the behemoths explosion, SPLASH DAMAGE. I mean an insta kill is a little weird don't you think.

It's ALWAYS splash damage. There's is no damage done for directly making contact with the rocket. Only the resulting explosion brings the hurt.

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Thanks for enlightening me a bit :P well that not even you, clavus, know the exact answer 42 is strange , but that proves that youre just a mortal programmer.

Well im pretty much happy that the behe CAN one hit kill you, is strong

and unpredictable, I mean it would make him less dangerous if he wasnt like that.

The Behemoth is after all the one and only leader of the undead, thus being a damm good reason tu run.

But still.. WTF :( ?

Edit: about it hitting 2 hitboxes seems very unlikely to me.. The behemoth explosion radius is enough to hit every hitbox on a player at the same time.

That would mean if a rocket causes 30 dmg you would get that damage more than 6 times(6*30=150 dmg) ? That would be WAY too ridiculous

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