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Why all mappers for zs UBER PRO :o Its only one mapper for Iw except clavus, and he still work on his first map

Because IW is played way less.


And works fine with most CSS and HL2DM maps.

They look better with Css (well, some hl2dm maps go good too). I dont like de_train only because some effects are missing (like warghoul smell).

But this is not to this map this is offtopic.


I dont know how can i make my light effects be changed. Like in De_dust2 or De_nuke. When you come in, all the light outside is more shine, but when you come out, everything is balanced. How do I do like that?

P.S: I read the tutorials, tryed, but failed. Cant get it.

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(yes again comment)

I've played it now in garry's mod and I like it even more. :D

First I stepped into the lighthouse where I shot the barnicle with the RPG D:

You've done a really good job ;)

How do you get those hills on the other side of the lake/water?

That's something i still don't get.Anyway good job and my map is coming soon to :)

Its just the skybox. Although there is a way to make similar mountains/hills or whatever just like in ep2.

About the 2 questions how long do I work on my maps.. well it rly depends how long I work on the map per day.

About the seconde question, I can say that I am not that ogod in optimizing but 1 of the reason the maps lags is that I put too much props and details in it that makes it run slower in Gmod. Gmod = FPS killer.

But this one should not cause any fps drop cuz I used areaportals.

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