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Hey guys :) like the title says , i would love to become an admin of the Green Server(s) :)

Firstly , i do play alot of the Surf Server which i enjoy the most out of any other surf servers On CSS :D .

and im sure you would like to know abit about me .... so here it goes

im aged 22 .. Man , Live in Uk , England

im studied at manchester University and becoming a Magician :o , only joking but ah yeah im hopefully going to become a prof Photographer for Magazines .

ummm hobbies ... Apart of manchester Lacross , football , sqaush and cricket , RPG games , Fp games all sorts of game i guess :)

anyway i hope you do sometime accept me and if you need to know anything just ask !

thanks SaintMisch


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Yay! Another UKian, I don't paly CSS so Of course I never would have seen you in game, but this appears to be your first visit to the forum, best way to increase your chances is by being morea ctive on here and on the IRC. Pretty sure someone else will be able to explain more for you ^_^ but Good luck.

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