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How to chill in a very unusual manner


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People do strange things when they are bored...

Bob :Look at that ceiling... never noticed it covered up the clouds.. you know what im saying?

Bub :No... I know what your saying...

Bob :What you mean? You dont want to know or just what?

Bub No im just saying that your ceiling dosnt appeal to me in that way?

Bob :Why not? It should... Its natural...

Bub :Ugh... Its just wrong...

Bob :You want some pringles?

Bub :Yeah...

Bob :I dont have any...

Bub :Oh... shame...

Bob :Turn on the tv pls...

Bub :Theres no tv in this room...

Bob :Why not?

Bub :I dont know... its your house...

Bob :Give me the remote...

Bub :What remote?

Bob :The one in your pocket...

Bub :Oh... here

Bob :Thats a glue stick...

Bub :Shame... thought it was a souvenir

Bob :True...True

Pufulet :Waddap

Bub :Who are you?

Pufulet :God

Bob: Nice to know

Pufulet :True...true...

Bub :I like sausage rolls

Bob :True... true...

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Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Tim : Uhhhhh..... sup

Tam : yo....

Tim : hmmmz?

Tam : what ya doing?

Tim : nuthing, just watching the Bob and Bub Show... its all good you know?

Tam : Yez a dontz knowz sadadad

Tim : Yup

Tam : Aw right

Tim : sooooo....


Tim : ?!?!?!!!??!?!

Tam : u knowz what im talking not about!!!

Tim : yo! Yo!.... yo!

Tam : :|


Tam : Wat!?!?!

Tim ; NU

Tam : wadap with you today?

Tim : what???

Tam : I was just saying

Tim : Say what huh uhu!?!

Tam : dude it was a joke take a frizzen chill pill

Tim : ohhhhhh u insulting me??

Tam : naw im nwat

Tim : huh?? you think ur so kuul just because you havez zsquare 90??

Tam : i was just saying.

Tim : Huh?!?!? what... bring it! t-tt-t-t-tampax

Tam : oh u went there didnt you..

Tim : srry im hight

Tam : no! no,zot this time!


Tim : Whats his problem?

Pufulet : Watching the big game on tv... sitting... chilling

Tim : Shutup God

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