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Hundred and Lazy's Amateur (AMATEUR) Screenshot fun

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Hey guys,

Me and Hundred decided to upload some Screenshots that we are gonna make on G-mod. They arn't anything serious, just a bit of fun.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we (probably) did making them!

Heres a little starter!


SERVER: single player

MAP: zs_clav_massive


EDIT: oops, it's a tad big. Won't make the same mistake again xD

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Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you guys? I seem to start shitstorm whenever its picture related.


Can you stop posting pictures then, at least until I get a better umbrella?

Good idea.

Dunno about the sig, just found it on the net. I hope it is.

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We already did you silly.

I can really see myself along those fellas wanting the old zs back :P

Good idea well produced, with all the camera angles and such.

Posing could use some work tho. But then again I'm guessing you did the posing rather quickly (nobody wants to spend hours on just a one picture of the comic)

EDIT: Damien, medics never heal me unless I jump on their faces all the time. Not even when I ask them politely :(

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