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Suggestion on 9800 GT 1GB

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97.34 Euros just did the convert from Romanian Money.

That's pretty damn expensive for such a card. You can buy HD4850s here for 80 euros, and look at the performance difference:


You can even get a HD5670 for 80 euros that has DX11 AND higher performance:


(GT 240 is basically a rebranded 9800GT)

I don't know how the prices compare in your country, but I'd look at the ATI offerings too.

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How much money do you want to spend for a GFX card? Would be fine when you post your other Hardware (CPU, Ram, Power Supply) Good cards for good prices are HD5670 or HD5750 100€ or HD5770 (120€) They all support DX11, have a low wattage and they are silent.

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Your CPU could brake your new GPU card because its pretty old and you if you have a 64Bit OS you should get 4 GB Ram. Well, your PC is old and I think a new GPU card won't increase your game performance much. But if you really want to buy a new GFX card then get a HD5670.

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hehey guys ... pretty much time since i came here ... I ( monterey jack ) my gta san andreas with car mods saying : Game data has ben modified.After that I was to lazy to reinstall it and just let it die.

Oh and I decided to go for Nvidia ( mind control they use it ! ) I`m happy with it


Nothing I tried for now made me regret that i purchased that gpu ( GTA 4 , Farcry 2 more )

Now with Deluvas chatting with me he gave me that ignition I need to start playing MTA again :D installing game for now cya on server .. soon !

Now im curious , Maybe its just me But .. from what I noticed maybe mta sa says that when i reach a certain ammount of moded cars ( this thing happened about 4 times ) when i had pretty much car mods . Any advices with this ?

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