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Happy Easter


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Happy easter, and here's some code for me and Lindt Bunnies:

Private Sub Form_Load() 
Dim LindtBunny As String
Do Until LindtBunny = "Y"
LindtBunny = InputBox("Do you have a Lindt Bunny?!?")
Select Case LindtBunny
Case LindtBunny = "Y"
MsgBox ("OM NOM NOM. Bunny is deelecious!")
Case LindtBunny = "N"
MsgBox ("You. Sir. You fail.")
Case LindtBunny = ""
MsgBox ("don't try and get out of the question")
Case Else
MsgBox ("Broken program is broken")
End Select
End Sub

Although at the moment it seems to only want to choose the Case Else option >:

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