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Mr. Green Gaming

EmRA's & Lemon's pose thread of elitism and professionality

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Today me and Lemon decided to try if posing together on the same server would work out any good. Seems like it did.

This topic is for gmod poses made by me and Lemon, done together or alone.


Scout enjoys his chocolate. Scout posed by me, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer and Spy posed by Lemon.


Because me and Lemon are such badasses, we need some new gear.

Scout posed and geared by me, Spy posed and geared by Lemon.

More to come..?

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Many thanks, BlueYoshi. I'll see if I can post mine versions about these pictures.

Edits; Got the first one, but I'll see if I can find the rest, it seems that they didn't get saved. And yes, The soldier has a TROLL Pose.


Let's go for another edit, from my angle


Edited by Lemon!
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good, becuse you like rape huh? theres a cure for that.

but no, its just annoying... you have made 50 threads about your pictures and shit they are really good but getting kinda annoying seing a new thread for every single pose pic you make

Edited by Sneed
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No, it's just you guys (if sneed isn't the only one) getting mad at everything I do.

I used to make the topics the facepunch style, you whined, I listened, as my drawings weren't deserving their own thread.

I started posting them on the artistic stuff thread.

Then (did I forget some part, I feel like I did) I saw hundy's and peon's pose thread, I got the idea wrong and posted some poses there. You whined, I listened, seeing that making your own topic with your friend was alright, we did, and with a new twist (posed the pic on the same server, you don't see that everyday)

Please, if you want to cry about few threads at section thats inactive as it is, make own thread for it, or cry about it on PM, stop posting that shit on my/other people's threads unless you're going to comment on the actual pictures.

Thank you. cheers.gif

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He likes him alot yes and he wants people like him, that's a bit egocentric and immature yep, but common. And his posings are good, (but sometimes repetitive ( blah armys,guns , super soldiers) so let him do what he wants, it made the forum live :).

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