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Your Responce to the new CS:S

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So, what do you think of the new CS:S?

Did you get a beta spot?

What would you like to see now?

Obviously i got in, and i'm quite enjoying it. i ramped the graphics up high and it works a treat. its a little laggy, but im sure Valve will fix that for the full game. After all, 'tis only a beta.

Some new weapons would be nice, but maybe that would knock the equillibrium of the game. Not that it is spectacularily balanced anyway...

Anyway, its good fun. Can't wait for the finished product.

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i got a good looking realism mod well its more a realism skins the models are a better look rendering and the weapons are better to (for me) you can download the installer or just download a winrar archive ( models only or weapons only or just both)

it makes the gameplay more fun ( for me) and the hud is blue bloody ( your health and armour THE HUD )

edit@ how you get this beta??

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