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High Fps

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In todays game i noticed a self admited noob ( MTA|KingD ) breaking records. So i checked his fps and its running high at a solid 33. I said he was fps hacking, Camille said its a bug. can you be banned for high fps? they do have an advantage. or has anyone considered raiseing the maxx limit to 33. I've incolsed a screenshot of his high fps an a well established recored that he beat.

2cd pic


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as far as i know the bug(windows Xp+dual core) gives random fps.. seen people have 45..40..50 or even 55.. these get kicked. But since the fps-kicker only kicks players with 35+ or so, people like MTA|KingD will still be able to play here.. I think what should be done is not raise the MaxFPS of the game, but lower the limit of the auto-kicker.. Like making it that anyone above or equal to 32 be kicked.

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BinSlayer has it. Just make it so if FPS => 32 then KICK!

Also there are some programs that can help with this. One of them is SAPT. You can lock your FPS to 30 with it, BUT you can also lock your FPS to 40, 50 and 60. Now it will kick you in Green's server, but this tool could be used in other server's as a cheat tool.

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dunno about that. all FPS above 31 are kickable. and Ywa, dont higher the fps please :D

Not quite. I'm not sure about the limit but it isn't 31. You can still play the game at 32 or 33.. even 34.. I think above 35 is kickable

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Im always between 30 and 31. And yeah, once again i noticed MTA|king running faster than everyone else. It IS an unfair advantage, and because of it they get a faster start and do go slightly faster than other players. I always find it odd, especially since i have played on this server for a while, when a "new" person is setting records on maps that they have never played before.

I think that anything that gives someone an advantage other than years of playing time (such as myself! hehe) needs to be addressed.

Setting max fps to 50 would be very nice...but then again, those people with shit computers will be at a disadvantage then...sorry retard! :o

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