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BlueYoshi's SharkANine Bay

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I am not sure if my map will work, because this it the map I made with the Map Editor from MTA: Race.

Anyway, The Smoking Zone is only a part of Green Island, when you approve this map, I may make more maps, all with different themes. But in general, Green Island is all about getting high and such. I got the name from a song by Redman "Green Island", and the map is kinda based on the vibe the song gives you - which is why I'm already scared none of you will like the map because none of you likes the music I like.

About the racing. Well, here are the most important points in the map:


That's the spawn. I imagine most people will all crash into each other and then 3 or 4 others will get away immediately, but no worries - I tried to make the map so that you still have a chance to win even if you don't start on the first place.



^ In the first part, I tried to make distractions but as long as you keep driving in the middle of the road you'll be fine. Plus you won't even see the distractions coming if you have the same draw distance as me.


^ Here you will change into a Vortex, I know many people don't like that but it doesn't take long.


Eventually, you will be riding a Moonbeam, and maybe you'll notice that the track is upside down.


Yeah.. you'll probably barely notice while racing, but look at the confusion it will create when you are upside down!!! Or not.


After that, you will change into a Golf Cab and drive over Gold Terrain. The thing is that water will raise and drop so avoid the sandy parts:




Your next hazard will be racing on a road that gets less straight over time.











The last part resembles the visionary stairway to Heaven. Relax while it takes you to the last checkpoint.





BlueYoshis Green Island - The Smoking Zone.rar

So... this is the map file from MTA: Race. I do not know how you're gonna test it in MTA: SA 1.0, I just hope it will work. I didn't get it to work.

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cant read this map :\ its made the previous mta clinet's map editor "mta race"

Thank you for trying!

I'm sorry. This file I upload in this post may work, I hope... at least it is the right version this time... but it doesn't work in my MTA 1.0 Map Editor Test Mode, the spawn/check/vehiclechange-points don't load, but they are in the file so...

BlueYoshis Green Island Part 1.rar

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Yoshi's Filled In The Future Story:

It's a normal sunday in your cool life. You sit relaxed in a barrel. Suddenly you hear "TUBBA BLUBBA!". Your mobile phone rings. You look and see the unknown number: "7074141707". You take it and you hear a gay voice say "Go with the moped to Australia. A suprise is waiting there for you." You are completely uninterested, but you decide to do what he says anyway.

After 500 days you arrive in Australia. Nobody is there. You notice an apple with a note attached to it. You crouch to it. The note says "Catch Mall Pro Quick". You understand what it means immediately and you rush to a ugly wall and you tap the 64th brick from the left. A door appears. You open it with a chicken-wing. You step in a boring room. There you press the purple button. The room starts to shake. You fall asleep.

91 hours later you wake up. You step out the room. A sign says "2255". You are in the future! Friendly-looking dinosaurs are walking everywhere. They all have their own color. They look at you with their sweet eyes. You accidentally bump into one of these creatures. She looks at you and becomes blue. She blushes. You watch deep in her eyes and she in yours. You grab er hand and together you take the plane to the cinema. You buy tickets for the film "Yoshi's Story", an old classic. During the film you trade chocolate-cakes and sizzurp, you drink from 1 cup, with 33 drinking straws. After the movie you walk to the beach. As a goodbye-present she gives you a stapler. Thankfully, you bunny hop back to the button-room. There you slam the yellow button. The room starts to shake. 9098 hours later you suddenly hear "POWDERED DEER PENIS!".

The Problems:

I don't feel like changing anything further to this map since I gotta keep doing all checkpoints/spawnpoints/vehicle-change points over and over again so it probably sucks.

There is a song in this map which should work.

Don't blame me:

I made this map a few days ago during AM, so it makes absolutely no sense at all.

You start underground. Then you go a long, long, long, long way up (with a bike). Above, you change into an Elegy and go down. After a while you change into a Tug and you suddenly enter a beach.

The weather is smug, I hope it won't crash everything. Same to the song.


I hope it works...


EDIT: I completely forgot to thank .:SDK:., he did all the hard parts for me. So thanks!

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Bunny: Hey, turtle! How come you guys are so slow?

Turtle: Because we aren't steroid-animals like you, rabbit.

Bunny: No, because you are lazy! All you do is crawl around the place, damn I imagine you guys going to a toilet, when you get back to your seat you probably have to pee again!

Turtle: Well you ain't got a fucking shield that weig-

Bunny: Hold up, Tony, don't need to be mad. Just relax and chill, be yourself. Your SLOW self, haha!

Turtle: Grrrrrrr. Okay, pal, enough! I'm gonna organize a race on Turtle Town, on BlueYoshi's Green Island. We'll show you that we are not lazy! Will you be watching the race?

Bunny: Okay, I'll watch but only the first 5 meters or so, because I have to be home before dark. HAHAHA!

Turtle: Fine.


Too lazy to upload, go here.

I thank .:SDK:., he made the whole turtle thing!


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Bunny: Sup, bloodo!

Shark: Hmpf?

Bunny: Yea so I was wondering, do you guys like do anything other than being the evil of the sea, killing people with your teeth?

Shark: Grmpf, of course.

Bunny: Oh yeah? Like what, sharpy?

Shark: None of your business.

Bunny: But, you know Tony Turtle? He doesn't do any jack but I convinced him and his townmates to do a race, you know. I was just... yea I was hoping you would be just as much up for participating as the slowpokes. It would be a... much faster race of course! :mr-green:

Shark: No.

Bunny: But it's fun! And you ain't got jack to do. By th-

Shark: Hold up! Where cha wanna grab a race from then?

Bunny: There is one made already. In BlueYoshi's world.

Shark: So quick? Doesn't he have better things to do, like learning for exams?

Bunny: *cough* Yo umm stick to the script, seamate... :unsure: Gods don't need exams ANYWAY, as I was saying.......... um, yeah. You're in, aintcha?

Shark: Whatever.

Bunny: You start and end at... hey where.. wh..wh-what are you doing?

Shark: Oh, I was planning to eat you. Why?

Bunny: We yet have to determine the name of the map..

Shark: Sheesh.

Bunny: So my friend turtle came with "Haaienbaai" and then I said "Yo, in English, dufus."

Shark: Swim to the point.

Bunny: Yeah so, then I thought. This image I made years ago, of Arcanine in blue and black, so SharkANine.

Shark: Can't we just call it Shark Race? Or... no, you know what, nevermind. Where are you going?

Bunny: I can't hear you!


Find them here (just got an error so maybe all the screenshots haven't uploaded).

Thanks to .:SDK:. for the script, and BinSlayer who inspired me for this map. :P I hope it doesn't look like that map too much. Whoever is willing to test this map might stumble upon some parts that may not work so well, but maybe that only comes out with more players.


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