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I think I'll buy it during my pre-holidays before exams, or after the the exams.Which means between 2 weeks- a month.(I wanted it for this week end but I prefered shutting up because I got bad marks I didn't tell my father and if he discovers this I'm in the kaka :V ).

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Sorry for the bump, but tomorrow the Undead Nightmare DLC will be released (10€).

It looks a bit random (like the new weapons, a blessed water that you can throw at the zombies, a torch, a bone weapon etc...) but the ambient looks great, plus it's halloween themed, and that's why I'll buy it :V

And R* is not releasing a shitty content, the story mode lasts around 10 hours so I think it worths its price(plus there are a few new multiplayer modes and there is a L4D-ish one).

That's awesome, just for Halloween :gmod:

(I love Halloween events in games).

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Played it for a bit, after 3 hours I bought all the DLC, this game is amazing.

The single-player is fucking amazing, altough the multiplayer is a bit.. well, less.

The undead-nightmare is a gem, altough it ends before you know it.

The normal aiming mode + dead eye is a bit easy, I recommend it (as ni pah said) to put it on expert mode.

I'll leave you with this soundtrack of the last mission in the undead nightmare.

buy this game, now

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