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Enginner Update Clues ?!

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Alright, today TF2 has been updated, you might have thought "oh another fixing update" but wait, in that update, Valve fixed the Kill icons for the community weapons, but now look at this picture


(This has been taken here,this french website is a non-official one but they are serious and they explain the updates and changes provided to the game each time it's been updated).

After watching it carefully you can see there are 2 myterious kill icons:

That sentry seems to be a kind of laser sentry (you can see the 3 normal kill icons for the current sentries, so that's obliged that's a new sentry), and a black headshot kill icon, but we can't guess a lot about it (maybe a special laser sniper? :V ).

I wanted to share this with you guys, mystery mystery...

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why does everyone say "the black icon" it feels so racist D=

@picture sounds convincing but why keep the old sentry design.

why is that racist? atleast the black ones got a icon Becuse every icon is "WHITE"

If 100 white guys die to 1 black guy = Not racist.

100 Black guys get killed by 1 white guy = OMFG RACIST !

Thats how hypocrite all the RACIST calling is :V

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IMO, the 'laser' sentry might just be a stationary sentry, e.g. you put it by a doorway, and the longer you stay in its 'laser path' the more damage it takes off.

This, as in, it does not move , like a normal sentry would do.

But by this theory im guessing it has 'fuel' in which you would keep needing to replenish.

This idea being great as it can deter spies from a point of entry.

But, by all theories, probably a experimental icon, or, i am wrong, like all wild theories :)

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