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As we all know, the maxfps for the server is currently 31. I was thinking maybe we could discuss a potential increase of it? I really like this game running (a bit) smoother. So why exactly is it limited to such low fps?

I'd like your opinions on this and hopefully we can make the server a better place with this improvement.

BTW: For people who say their PC runs the game too slow and they'll not be able to compete with the other racers, well, if you reduce your graphic settings you'll get a boost of fps that may help you. Almost everybody should be able to run this game at a decent FPS if their GFX Settings aren't very detailed.

I was thinking maybe we could have it around 40?

I think people who can run it at 31 will have no trouble with running it at 40.

State your opinion, please!

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I have no knowledge of this but I regularly see people get kicked for high FPS, so I guess it would be handy to increase it a bit. But I don't know if some people have a big advantage if they have like 33 FPS. I always have around 31, so most times at the spawn when we start in a row of cars, I usually take the lead (the lead I'll eventually lose anyway).

By the way, a question slightly related maybe. Whenever we spawn as a bike, usually the first second I go the fastest, then wham! Suddenly most people pass me. If this is because they ram like crazy on the foreward button more than me, how come they don't pass me immediately?

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"Im not really sure what raising the current level would do. "

It might make the game look smooth and make you not puke when you come from a server that has 40-45.. It looks like an old game with really low GFX

It is true that most severs run at a higher fps level.

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The old MTA:Race limit was 25 fps, and 30 ms is already a huge increase in the meaning of how smooth the game plays. The best would be to raise it to 60 though (since that's usually the limit from most LCD monitors).

Also, maps like Dingy Falls and such work better on 25 fps.. but we usually only play normal maps..

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i would say its much better to increas the FPS up to 40 for the better graphics

i have seen other race servers with 60 FPS, and the graphics looks really better with higher FPS

and higher FPS doesnt mean to be faster; in the 60FPS server there were other players with 25 FPS and was as fast as me

it is possible to increas the FPS?

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The problem with increasing the FPS limit is that someone with 60 fps will be way faster than someone with 30 fps. And I know most people have decent PCs now.. but GTASA isn't multi-core optimized and will never give great performance.

I think it'll be better to see how 35 works out. If that's great we can raise it to somewhere around 40 (as max.).

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Our server is capped at 60fps...i averarage around 58....which means i am at 60 pretty much all the time. More fps definetly smooths the gameplay out. But it does give an advantage to those people whose pcs can run at a higher fps.

I think that 40 sounds nice. Why dont you set it to that, give it a week or so, start a poll in the forums, ask people to vote on the fps settings, and see what the general consensus is?

I think that most people who have a decent computer shouldnt have any problems. And for those people who are already running at 15fps...what difference will it make to them? They shouldnt play anyway or they need to figure out how to lower the gfx settings to increase game performance.

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I noticed yesterday that since you changed the fps cap kicker to 31, i get booted for high fps sometimes. It doesn't happen during the race, but between races. When the game goes black screen before loading next map. I hit 36 or so fps...then kick! Every single time. Annoying....

I found that if i reboot it fixes it.

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nop.i say let it stay around 31. It gives unafair advantage.

What's your average FPS ? If you are unable to have a steady 31 then everyone else ALREADY has unfair advantage.

If your fps is 31, you'll most likely be able to run it at 35-40 too.

make sure all GFX settings are low btw , even try resolution, it'll give a huge boost, at least for my laptop it does

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first - virus on pc so i dunno if all my stuff will be lost. if so, ill have a good pc with almost no space used. but when I played, my resoluction was on the lowest of them all. and even so , while on bike my fps was about 25!! i wont get 35, never! My pc graphics isnt that good. no way :s

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