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- Reach Reach Reach Reach Reach Reach Reach Reach

- Dead Space 2

- Assassin's Creed III/Brotherhood


- Crysis 2 (sure, it will fucking beatifull, but I want destruction that doesnt lag as hell[bC2 likish]. And a good plot would be good too. And the Matrix-aliens could be less tough.)

Only ones I could remember.

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All I really would like to see is:

EP3, Gordon and Alyx has marriage at the end.

Bethesda are leik, WOAH. We tugged on your winky! There isn't a new vegas, WE'RE BRINGING OUT ANOTHER MOTHER FUCKING ELDER SCROLLS!

XBOX price drop (As previously mentioned) Hopefully to £70 :D

Portal 2 to be released, WHILE AT E3 so no-one can have a head start ;D Tehe, meaning all the people at e3 will be one of the last portal fans to get it.

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Is their an announced time for valve's presentation?

They might announce their surprise during the EA conference (starts in 1 hour).

Cool, will be watching.

So far, impressed with GoW3, COD7 looks a tiny bit better, Halo Reach looks cool, Fable 3 boring, Crytek's new game boring, New Metal Gear Solid cool but too 'overly slicey' and seeing as I was gonna buy a new xbox 360 anyway during the summer I reckon this has come at a nice time.

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GoW3, COD7, Halo: more of the same shit.

Fable 3: don't really care.

Crytek's new game Kingdoms: WTF XBOX EXCLUSIVE FUCK NO (other sources are saying otherwise anyway).

The Metal Gear slicy thing looked pretty awesome (and it's also coming to the PC!).

Kinect: *PUKE* oh god it wont stop *PUKE PUUUKKEEE*

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