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Shitty Graphics

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Okay, this problem has been bugging me for years.

My video card is 9800 GT, I can set all my details to high on Gmod without lagging, same with CS:S.

Team Fortress 2 is a fucking different story. I set my details to medium without anti-aliasing and it still lags. When my comp was overclocked on XP, I could set some to high and A-A to 2x and not lag. Now that I'm on Windows 7, I can't overclock, I've been begging my dad for a new card but he says it's my computers problem.

Is there a way to fix this? I CAN'T do the following:


Buy a new card.

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Don't play whilst downloading porn

Just set the graphics to the lowest, not medum or anything.

It's better to have gameplay than graphics.

This isn't lag lag it's FPS lag.

I understand but, this is the case: I can't play TF2 with these graphics, they fucking irritate me.

It's the main reason I stopped playing TF2 for a while, I just hate the actual game because of the graphics. Is there ANY way to solve this?

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Meh. I've always used high graphics, but I switched to low graphics once and it's barely any different. TF2 has never intended to be a game looking for detail.

the only other way you ccan solve this is either get a new graphics card or pretty much kill alot of processes before playing TF2

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Reinstall TF2, reinstall your graphics card drivers (use Driver Sweeper to completely clean them up first), and it might fix the problem. It's clearly a driver corruption. That card should run TF2 at high with no problem.

I'll do that, Clavus.

Also, I discovered an overclocking program called EVGA precision, I wonder, is this possible?

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Changing the graphics to low doesn't help at all. That's what I have noticed, only resolution can do that.

See if you can download Phongless stuff from fpsbanana, they give you more fps.

"changing graphics to low doesn't help at all" and "download phongless stuff" contradicts each other. You're not supposed to change any settings in TF2 in this case; you're supposed to get your drivers in order.

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I don't know if it can help you that much but I got FPS problems on all my source 2.0 games (tf2-ep2-portal) and I tried different things without success (system restore, cleaning drivers and stuff like that), and at the end I discovered that my antivirus was causing those lags as I haven't put the "game mode" activated (well it's not activated I lag, when it is it's fine).Maybe check your antivirus, disable it to see.

It's possible that's not your card's fault.

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anti-virus <-- this can cause so many problems and is only effective against holding out hackers and virusses

Just get a better anti-virus then, mine has 'gaming-mode'. When a fullscreen application is running it wont execute any tasks.(Not even scheduled scans)

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I have spyware doctor, so this might not work. I hate putting all the shit off but I'll try and do it tomorrow.

E: I tried it, FPS was boosted by 10 and I was able to move anti-aliasing up to 4X, thanks Green.

E: E: I just realized I have a 9400 GT :(.

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