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Omegle.com funny chats!


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www.omegle.com is a site that you can chat with a random stranger. Chat with someone, do a funny or fucked up chat and post it here. My 2 chats:

Stranger: hi

You: Hello.

Stranger: 18 m india

You: 67 M Pedoland :D

Stranger: hiii

You: Hi :D

Stranger: ASL?*

You: 52 PedoBear Your house :V


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I don't have funny chats. Only fail chats. What do you expect?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hey

You: Do you have anti-depressants for me?

Stranger: no

Stranger: like parasetamol

Stranger: or flubpiprofen

You: fluppiprofen

Stranger: no i dont have

You: ok

Stranger: headache?

You: suicidal thoughts

Stranger: good

You: thanks

You: where do you live?

Stranger: scotland

Stranger: u

You: Netherlands

You: Do you play Doodlesack?

Stranger: no

Stranger: why do you want to suicide?

You: because I saw someone with a horse-face

Your conversational partner has disconnected

The horse-face part is actually true, I saw it on Google Maps in Scotland.

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You: hiStranger: hiStranger: aslYou: 9 boy americaStranger: soorry

You: Hi.Stranger: Hey.You: You believe in aliens?

Stranger: hell yeah!You: Because, I once had one at my house.You: And he raped me.Stranger: ur a female?:oYou: No.You: By aliens I mean immigrintsYou: althought he did have an extremely long penisYou: also, my asl is 9 boy greenlandStranger: looooooooool

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