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Originally posted byyyy GTFO community:

The site is currently infected with the 'Black Internet' trojan.

It's embedded in the site itself somehow, which means all you have to do is go there-- you don't have to download anything, and you'll be infected. All the following programs did not detect the trojan AVG, Ad-Aware and Windows Defender.

If you've been to FPSBanana in the last day or less, check your task manager. Look for iexplore.exe running-- or multiple instances of it if you are surfing with internet explorer, of course. You might also be hearing audio advertisements and/or multiple weird noises and mouseclicks.

Apparently this trojan infects the MBR, to fix the virus problem make all folders viewable in the control panel -> large icons -> folder options -> view -> show hidden files, folders and drives, then reboot in Safe Mode and go here:


and deleting these two files:



And until further notice I strongly suggest that you avoid going to the website.

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