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Better Surf-Settings on Mr.Green's Surf-Server

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Hey there,

i asked some other guys on the Surf-Server and we all said,

that the surf-settings should/could be better :P

just an animation for you guys,

so if you think like me,post "Yes,i also want better surf-settings" (or something else) and maybe the admins/server-owner (dont know) will change the settings :P

Bye... :P

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on some other servers (map :10x) you are able to surf from the rail directly to the jail ...

and on surf_vegetables the pumpkin would be easier to surf for noobs,i acutally CAN surf the pumpkin anyway ,but im only thinking about the noobs.

what ever,ITS JUST AN IDEA!

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I still dont know what you mean. What exactly you would like to change? Yes, in surf_10x_reloaded you can skip the map if you got enough skill, but its mainly the maps fault.

And by increasing airaccelerate it would make it easier. And by decreasing it, well I dont know what would happen then but it would affect the other maps as well.

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I think the Surf Settings are too easy..

Nearly every User finish the maps and get an awp.. It isn't funny anymore..

The appeal to get better and to surf better doesn't exists anymore.. I think the settings should be much harder..

Whilst I agree at the fact it's easier to get better weapons for people that can't surf well now. It would make some of the skill surf maps near impossible to finish.

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