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Vacation Mega thread

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I am going to...

- Try hacking in internet (dont worry, not this page) <-- Try Uplink Hacker Elite... Great for learning hacking

- Learn more Java

- Play more games

- Buy my new books for high school

- Get my dog out

- Maybe go somewhere

Thats it... my whole summer vacation.

Oh wait... this was vacation theard... ups.

Well i am going to north (somewhere to there) in 2 weeks i quess for min. 3 days.

Hope you guys have fun in abroad vacations ;). I havent tried it yet... expect Sweden...

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Working wednesday till saturday nights, might stay the days between it over there without laptop(not sure) untill week 33.

In week 34 I'm going to belgium for 4 days. (girl: Hey I booked something, but don't want to go alone... You wanna come with me?)

That's about it..


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