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Bert's first Video (Minecraft)


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A little project I worked on today. I've previously had no experience using Sony Vegas or Fraps so I'm quite proud of what I've achieved. Hope you all like it.

Also thanks to MiF for helping me get it all set up and checking over the video for me.

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I could always Link you to *cough* my *cough* I mean the websites Paypal account? :V

Now thats the spirit of making these videos. Putting some organazion which "helps" "animals" and putting your PayPall donate link to it.

Now you know what TRULY video makers are. Bert. ;)

Oh and of course its good that Left 4 Green gots one more video maker :thanks:

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It is time for change. From this day on, I will leave sheep and chicken alone, and pigs too mostly. I'm still going to hunt them for food, but thats life.

And cows. They creep the fuck out of me and are annoying in general.

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Glad to see I might of turned a few of you round and thanks for the comment Clavus. It's funny you should mention creepers, I was going to put in a scene with one but they are quite tricky to catch on film :V

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