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Recently, the server admins have been debating whether to get a Counter Strike: Source Stock server.

The server would have standard Counter Strike maps on (dust2, assualt, aztec etc), this should keep the server map rotation fair with maps everybody knows. I think we could get some boring maps taken out of the rotation if they aren't favourites, although this isn't necessary.

The server will probably run hlstats, just to keep people updated with how they're doing within the server. GCoins could be used for 1 per kill.

Discuss on whether you would play the server or not?

Most admins agreed it would be a good addition, yet Clavus said it would get boring. Although I see his point of it would be repetitive, I'd just like to point out to all those who think that, don't vote in the poll, because then we can get more positive results. (Joking, everyone can vote and give opinions!)

Thank you.

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I'm sad to say that I do have to say I play TF2 more than CS:S, however, your point with invites from friends, I would probably accept, if there were many active greens playing, I tend to only play the non-mrgreen servers if there is someone I sortof know.

And I would tend to not play as I think CS:S is full of people much better than me, and it puts me off D;

But yet, I think my opinion is one of few who couldn't be bothered whether they get this server or not, many people I think would fully support this idea.

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