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Last words("retiring" as admin)


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Hello everyone, as you may have predicted, also I am leaving the admin team.

Well, first of all, Ive been really inactive since the CSS update, on my opinion, surf(as a mode, not as in server) went downhill ever since. The Stock server might have changed me back to active, but it wouldnt really affect my choise.

Dont worry, I didnt get a life or anything special, school is just so exhausting. And since Reach came out, I will be spending a lot of my gaming time in the world of Halo.

Im sure I wont stop visiting forums and IRC, you aint getting rid of me that easily! I will still visit IRC like always, and forums will stay as my default page for a long time. I will of course visit Surf server always when possible, and report possible problems in there.

Thanks for the fun moments that I've spent here, I will always remember this place. Thanks for Ywa, Clavus and Mayco for the opportunity of being an admin here in your servers, its been great.

Thanks for all the members, Greens and other admins for the time I've spent with you in-game or in IRC.

I guess thats all for now. Carry on.


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