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[ZS] Update incoming...


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Okay, so I've allocated some time to getting a final update online ( timeAlloc( sizeOf( ZombieSurvival ) ). Basically, if you come up with simple ideas that can have a great potential over the gameplay, be my guest. No complex ideas, and no weird ones either, just simple and neat! And yes, leveling is going to get transformed somehow...

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Enable/Fix leveling up

Berserker needs more hp gain from attacking since lvling up berserker with about 50000 hp regen to lvl up is 99% impossbile. I suggest giving them +2 Hp attack regen starting with 5hp and lvl 0 and make their weapons stronger since the class is useless without bonus dmg.

Commando is basicly normal survivor - More overall dmg and gun power and would be cool swiss army knife?

Medic - Medic only heals standing still - 100 starting healthvials might be a bit too hard considering the maps we have atm.

Engineer - More c4 dmg and something else either bring the aegis or something robotic only c4 is not good.

Support - More smg dmg and bonus ammo

The fall dmg should be changed back how it was. 10 dmg no matter how high isnt realistic

Oh and weapons need to be harder to earn. More kills, will balance it out more. and the starting pistols are pansie-like D; they need moar powa!

Another Edit:

If deluvas does use the xp system I would suggest making it max lvl 10 or just keep it at lvl 6. Reset everyones lvl stuff and make it so each level is like 2 or 1.5 times harder or so. Each lvl increasing ur stats by 5% or less?

Special abilities or lvl unlockables would be very nice

The WoW based talent idea

Each time you lvl you can choose what u want and keep ugrading it each lvl up depending on your class.

Berserker - 3% Faster - 5% More Dmg - Gain 2 Hp from each attack extra

and each time you lvl up u can choose the same one but it will be improved.

Reseting ur talents would cost 500G.

Well Deluvas did say small ideas... but idk i think it might be good

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The WoW based talent idea

Each time you lvl you can choose what u want and keep ugrading it each lvl up depending on your class.

Berserker - 3% Faster - 5% More Dmg - Gain 2 Hp from each attack extra

and each time you lvl up u can choose the same one but it will be improved.

Reseting ur talents would cost 500G.

I have had this idea too, but it's really too much work I think

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The WoW based talent idea

Each time you lvl you can choose what u want and keep ugrading it each lvl up depending on your class.

Berserker - 3% Faster - 5% More Dmg - Gain 2 Hp from each attack extra

and each time you lvl up u can choose the same one but it will be improved.

Reseting ur talents would cost 500G.


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zombines need a limited sprint time (about 5 secs)

medics should not be able to run while healing (maybe walk or just not at all)

beserkers need sorting out with the mele regen

support dont get full nails every supply crate 1xlvl every crate and +1 to max nail capacity per lvl

if zombies hit a nail it has a 5% chance of being broken

fix leveling (i may have ideas on how to do this later)

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Thank you Deluvas,


- Zombine: Change health to 200, because they are just too overpowered. They'll just run in to you constantly until the human is death, no skill is required for this class. Although it IS humans last hope so either change health or let be an available class at 2:00.

- Healing (Medic): Change the big health kit to a certain amount of small health vials that heals 5-10 hp, so a medic starts with 3-5 vials which he can give to others. Another thing could be that if he gives the heath vial the person gets 10 hp and if he heals himself he gets 5 hp. This makes the medic need too CHOOSE whether he gives them for more health or do just heal himself for lesser health. For this idea also make it possible for health vials too respawn in supply crate (at a low chance).

OR instead of that idea make the medics stand still when they heal themselves with the current medkit. Because we all hate medic runs at the end of the game (non-skilled).


- Amount of nails limited to 4/5. (5 nails, you have to buy a perk)

- Hammer introduced as a perk but still only available for support, when choosing support you gain the hammer. First buy the perk for it though. (7500gc, so noobs cannot abuse it and have more knowledge of the game when they have around 7,5k gc.)

- Unable to nail tires, small props (EXCEPT barrels).


- Weapons: Some new weapons are always awesome!

- Ammo (Support): Make support able to throw some ammo kits on the ground.

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If I can make a few global suggestions: remove 'random' occurrences (like "5% chance of x when you do y") except for obvious things like the dice.

Another one of my suggestions concerns the whole thing with numbers / percentages everywhere. "35% more this", "21.22222% less that". Nice and all for the WoW nerds but I think it's better design to use things like "does less" or "does more".

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Have it So the medic CANNOT heal himself. ( This will stop the Jumping self heal, and make more people use medic the way its meant to be used. Like in Infected wars )

Fix the hit system. It was so much better in the old version. Now I'm standing right next to someone and they Don't even get hurt

Let bezerker Gain more health per hit. The amount of times I've used crowbar welding god * and bezerker * I haven't been able to kill one zombie cause he does 25hp per hit and I only get 7 hp per hit.

Have more outcomes of the dice. For example. Lose: Randomly Changed class. ( Human ), Win: Gain 5 Kills, Something like that

Add More useful things In the Shop. for Zombies and humans But nothing over powered

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My suggestions:

- Change map voting, so that the same map can only be played after 10 other maps have been played.

- Decrease zombine health [i dont think limited sprint would work, because i need 80 saw ammo just to kill a zombine and im lvl 4 commando (so 25% increased dmg :S) its just madness] most of the time i just let him explode. It only takes alot of ammo, id rather lose 30 hp.

- Medics: 2 ways: 1. Medics can only heal while standing still.

2. Replace the rechargable medkit with vials. 4-5 vials that heal others with 15 hp and will heal himself with 10 hp. 1 vial per ammo regen.

- Support: can nail all props, but nails have a bigger chance to break when directly hit by a zombie. Can only have 4 nails in his possesion that increase 1 with every ammo regen. Besides this he has 2-3 ammo crates that he can give to others.

- Berserker: Remove this class completely

- Commando: Give them 1 grenade at start when they are lvl 2 and a chance to get an extra grenade when they killed 30 zombies.

- Engineer: Remove mines, give them the aegis cade kit. 2 Freeze grenades at start that will freeze enemies in a 3 metre radius for 5 seconds, giving him the chance to get away.

Bigger Change:

- Add this class: Sniper (lvl 0): He gets 10 hp when he kills 3 zombies in 5 seconds, 5% decreased damage from zombies, 10% chance to spawn with a sniper and 5% more accuracy for all guns

Starting gun: Duals (high accuracy, mid dmg and lower firerate) special gun: Scout sniper (last stand)

p.s: Dont reset the lvls to lvl 0, because people worked hard for them. If somebody was lvl 6 zerk make him lvl 6 sniper.

I think this will do for a final Update :D

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Comeon guys , whatever you do the FUN isn't comein back. We need bring back the good old barricadeing times.

1. Suport - +1 nail per supply crate - good idead

2.Berserker - no ideas

3.Medic - i agree that medics are bit overpowerd at the moment bbut what happens when medic's can healthemselfs while standing - Means there should be like teamwork like striker team and healing so bring back the good old zs maps , with barricadeing ,so people dont run around like chikens like in the moment.

4.Suport-Aegis barricade kit back! this thing rules .

Well my biggest and best idea is Arsenal Upgrades.. so delete supply crates make the zs to ZS again ! :)

Ohyea forgot - Please keep the zombie crosshair and make propkilling more active like when u hit a human with a prop then he will die.

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Although not the strongest person his tech will help any team fight of the zombie horde .

must get ar2 and stunstick by crates/rewards (stunstick and ar2 should be class restricted to engiineer)

must be lvl 1 for manhack (like the cityscaner turret)

ar2 as it is with the class amo bonus

stunstick blinds enimies (makes screen white for like 1 sec)5 dmg max (good for runing away) EFFECT DOES NOT STACK

1 manhack(called bot) that follows him about and attacks zombies withing 5 meters of him (rather than floaring sentry o doom ) give the manhack a battery so runs out of charge and then requires a supply crate to recharge it

-10 hp

at lvl 1 gets bot (next lvl increases bot dmg or battery life)

+5% ar2 clip (starts at lvl 1 +3% per lvl)

+1 seconds+(0.5x lvl)of stun duration


A highly trained ex-special forces vary capable with weapons although his armour restricts his movement

+5% smg dmg (starts at lvl 1 +1% per lvl)

+5% clip size (for non class specific assault rifles and smg )


+5% assault rifle spawn (starts at lvl 1 +3% per lvl)

-5% movement speed (due to armour)


The supports wits with his hammer and his steady aim will help in any sticky situation.

5(+lvl) nails max

gets 1 nail +(lvl) per crate

+5% acuracy (starts at lvl 1 +3% per lvl)

+5% sniper rifle spawn (starts at lvl 1 +1% per lvl)

-5% hp


What he lacks in fighting skill is made up for due to his medical prowes in the field.

-15% hp

+5% movement speed (starts at lvl 1 +1% per lvl)

1xlvl(must be lvl 1) adrenaline (increases movement speed and/or neutralises poison)

+5%xlvl maximum health kit (cant run while healing only walk)

Fighter(beserker fixed):

His weapons deal a big punch. He may save your life one day

+5% mele dmg (starts at lvl 1 +3% per lvl)

+5% magnum dmg (starts at lvl 1 +1% per lvl)

+2.5%(xlvl) speed (starts at lvl 1)

-10% vulnerability to poison / screaming (due to his faster metabolism)


(i called them all hims to save time im not sexist >_<)

excuse any typos.

Feel free to edit these values these just end up as +10% max or +20% max as i like even numbers


zombines need a sprint restrction to 5 seconds, meaning zombines cant sprint round the map. This will make the more tactical when using a grenade.

maybe increase headcrab dmg if they attack from above

or some type of critical if they hit the head


like damien said abut the map rotor but say about 5 maps or add another map per selection.

Fix the class tips

Make zombine nades glow(or flash) red so you can see them if there on the floor

Put some clothes on that howler xD

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