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As you might know we planned to change the skin of Left4Green a long time ago. Now, since we selected a good base for the new skin (this one), we need to change it somewhat. Mainly, we need a new banner.

This is the original file:


My idea was that members of both Mr. Green forums participate in this contest for designing a new banner.


  • You can change the width of the original (just don't overdo it, a 1000 pixel wide banner won't fit), but not the height.
  • Provide two versions of your banner: one with "Left4Green" on it and one with "Mr. Green" on it. This is because the Phone Dark skin might replace the standard skin on Mr. Green too, if it comes out nicely (the current Mr. Green skin will stay optional, don't worry).
  • The banner must contain the Mr. Green logo (here's an high-def version)
  • Submit both an high-quality jpeg/png (of both the Mr. Green and Left4Green version), and the layered original Photoshop (.psd) or Paint.NET (.pdn) file, of your work in this topic.


- Let it contain elements/characters from video games like TF2, L4D and GMod.

- You can change the background color of the banner, as long as it fits with the rest of the skin.


Wednesday 25th of February is judgement day. Submit before then.


- Two months donation status on TF2 (ask Ywa for details) or 5000GC on the Zombie Survival server.

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