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Personal Zombeh Avatars!


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Today I would like to show some plants vs zombies avatars that I made representing people!

Srry if I missed you out but its just a few examples. Ask me for one if you want.

Feel free to actually use them like me.. lulz

1. Blue Hair Dude - Botervloot

2. Joker Hat - Messy

3. Pink Shades - Mr.Darkness

4. Sombrero - Deluvas

5. Pirate Hate - Necrossin






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The least you could do is to add link to the generator in the OP.

Also this is so old cavemen used to draw about it in their cavedrawings

wut i didnt understand any of that except the cavemens.. they are badass

For future purposes OP=Original Post/er

He means give a link in the original post to the generator you use to make these avatars.

ah.. you need the game Plants Vs Zombies

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