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Your Killing Floor Stats/Pictures!


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I've noticed that there is no Killing Floor thread (or maybe I didn't see it :<).

For all of those that played or still play the game, post screenshots or other stuff here like your personal stats & achievements!

Heres mine :]


All perks level 6, my demo being my highest leveled perk. This screenshot was taken on 31 October.

My demo damage is currently 24.0m


Me with around 60-ish pipebombs on my head.


What happens if you hit your own pipebomb with a katana..


Respawning the next round, with a 'handicap' (Thumbs up!)

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And lvl 2 firebug this class sucks Dick

It's one of the least played classes, hes not really strong but a firebug usually gets a top score.

At level 6, your flamethrower goes almost all across any map and does alot of damage aswell. Excellent for picking off weak enemies like crawlers, clots, sirens, etc..

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