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How to be an Asshole


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Well I have to say this was a really stupid idea :(

I didn't want to disapoint or annoy someone with that

topic. Forums are just new for me and I understand

if this is seen as an Spam :(

Making a tutorial of how to be an asshole is really dump

and it makes an asshole out of myself.

Even if there are many other stupid topics, this was

the most stupid one and I understand if you blame me for that.

I won't make uselees topics anymore even if I am (really) bored.

(Also, sorry if some words or sentences aren't correct)

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Nice fail, learn 2 spellcheck first and get your grammar checked.

Oh and you don't have to be charismatic to be an asshole nor do you need the last word. And what's with the fiend shit seriously, if you ment friend then you should write that.

There I just acted like a complete asshole, without being charismatic.

:D yeah

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