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Hmm... He is right. Take CPU's setup with an AMD Radeon HD 6870 or wait until nVidia brings the gtx 560. If the card is good, you'll have some more options.

1. Buy a gtx 560

2. The price for the HD 6950 might drop and you can get it pretty cheap

3. Or you just take the HD 6870 or the gtx 460 and you don't have to wait any longer

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He said he got a budget of 800 not 900, a hd6850 is good enough and stays in his budget.

@car: you got a damn short fuse, i just want to help messy by giving him some advice. Radiator maybe works for most, but working with two hands works alot better than with one and the other holding a grounded surface.

Wistband: €5,-

Total: (combined with my previous hardware list) €805,-

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