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NECROSSIN & Deluvas Appreciation Thread

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Hear ye, hear ye!

Pay your respects to NECROSSIN and DELUVAS. He manages to fix many bugs in the already brilliant gamemode of Zombie Survival, and saves people's levels and lives. Deluvas managed to make the entire base of the the gamemode (I think), fixing many bugs in his time as well. Where Deluvas sat down, NECROSSIN stood up.

Although you may not know me that well, I just wanna say great job, dudes. You encouraged me to return to Mr. Green ZS, as soon as steam resets my password.


Devulas basically built the Mr. Green Zombie Survival gamemode. He got off his feet and saw all the problems with ZS. Though retired, we still love him. And his cute dog avatar.


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Silver Dot, you'd better get your facts right before attacking somebody with a powerful phrase like this one: "Where Deluvas sat down, NECROSSIN stood up".

For one thing, NECROSSIN does whatever he wants to the gamemode, since it's an Open-Source project for a few months now. I only wrote a few of my ideas into it, while I had to listen to Top Crew (mostly).

I also had serious problems since early 2010, which stopped me from working more on the game (but you probably didn't think about that). I also helped NECROSSIN with his duties as a scripter, and more than half of what you see in the game right now, is my work, but you probably don't know that. He may not be a good coder, but atleast there's somebody keeping the server alive with a few updates now and then. That's all the players need.

There are also good and bad opinions about either me or NECROSSIN. You aren't hold from speaking your opinion, but saying such statement without even knowing my story shows complete ignorance, disrespect, aggressive and barbaric behavior.

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Uh, I didn't think that line was offending you or anything. You don't have to freak out on every occasion.

It's not like I disagree with the fact that NECROSSIN has done work, but that line is pretty offending to me. From my point of view, it shows his disrespect towards me and my work, while both me and NECROSSIN, put effort into the game.

In other words, it's like giving credit "only" to the person who bought something, and not to the ones who actually made it or worked on it.

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Chill, man. That post wasn't supposed to offend you. You know I've been away for a while and my facts aren't exactly accurate.

I do, however, remember you retired from the main dev, and I doubt anyone thinks less of you for that.

I'd make it a Clavus and Ywa appreciation thread too, but I think these two inspire other players such as myself to get off their asses and make something of themselves. Plus it's pretty obvious Clavus and Ywa are like


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I'm glad to hear you changed your thoughts about it. Even though I retired from development, I'm still doing bits from time to time. Generally, the recent gamemode is based on NECROSSIN's changes mostly, while the middle part was being worked by me. However, as you said, there's also Clavus who made the beloved 'Ravebreak' script and the Green-Coins shop (and a few other features, at the beginning).

PS: I almost forgot Ywa for hosting the server in the first place, which is quite an appreciation. If the gamemode wasn't made Open-Source, the server would've been dead.

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Don't forget respect for the players. If it wasn't for them, no one would have bothered to work on the server.

And also hooray for the game developers. They have played an important role in all this too.

And let's not leave out the flowers. If there were no flowers in the world, then everyone would be pissed all the time, and the server would suck, and also nobody would be arsed to make those changes to the gamemode.

So quadruple applause for you all!

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