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The map I am currently working on - Source SDK

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It will be a great map with alot of entities. I will show to people how you can do some cool stuff combining some entities.

[used music from Amnesia: The dark descent just to give it some atmosphere :V]

The map is currently in progress. I will work alooot on it.

Here is the vid, even though, I showed it to some of you already:

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You want my opinion ... ? Well, it's crap, no offense. You just repeat the same music over and over again, and you use the damn flashlight all the time ... Even in Amnesia, there were lights here and there. More over, the repeating and not matching textures make it worse. Don't give me that "OMG ITS WIP NUB". You posted W.I.P. and want criticism, you get it!

PS: Can't you really come up with a few good looking rooms, instead of large empty space for once?

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I have to admit I'm not that afraid of Amnesia now, thanks to the abuse of the soundtrack.

It's not bad, I mean, it's completely pointless and has no theme, but not bad. It's just a bunch of random triggers pooped out. I didn't give you my honest opinion when you gave me it because I was fapping.

@Deluvas, you just gave me an idea.

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@ Deluvas: You say the soundtrack has been overused. But it has cured Silver Dot's fear of playing Amnesia. So it's only good.

@ Deluvas: You say there are too few lights in the level, and the textures don't mix smoothly. But because of the darkness, you don't see the bad textures so good. Problems solved.

@ Deluvas: You ask Mr. Darkness if he lacks the ability to create good rooms. Dude, he lives in Russia. I bet tons of Ruskies would love to live in the house that Mr. Darkness made.

The map is purr-fect! The map is outstanding! I wish that this world could have 10 of you!

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