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GTANet (IRC) issues

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Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, the IRC network we're using (GTANet) is having quite some troubles. Netsplits all the time and the ircops/netops don't reply in their help channel etc. etc.

What are your thoughts about this, and what should we do? Move? Create own network?

- Ywa

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It's not too hard to create your own network, it'll be easier using others though.

You forget the security part though. IRC network/servers get DDoS'ed relatively often.

I've heard about this, but I can't figure out why?

Why does owning an IRC network make you a target?

I think we should stay on gtanet. Any problems they have, you'll most likely have in the future. I don't think anyone will notice the change but you guys, who will have more work.

I suggest sending a friendly e-mail asking what the troubble is all about to the owners of gtanet. (if you haven't already)

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Don't leave GTANet, it's the only thing left from the ancient dutch-only MrGreen times. :V

p. much this

I remember when the homepage had a Dutch version of the forums, and I naturally didn't understand shit

still since we're a target for DDOSing why not just get a Ventrilo server or something, voices are funner then texts

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