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Some already heared about Bethesda's newest creation 'RAGE'.

A nother game with a destroyed world in which the player can fight

against mutants, rebels and other creepy creatures running around in an empty desert.

This time the world wasn't destroyed because of a nuclear war (like in Fallout), but

beacuse of a meteoroid which crushed into the earth around 2036.

Ofcourse you are the survivor of an experiment by the government.

At first it might feels or looks like Fallout and/or Borderlands, but RAGE is much

dirtier, scarier and especially more realistic and the enemies feel more organic now.

Some Gameplay ofcourse!

One of the first Missions

2:20 For the Start of the Mission! Really Scary :P

IGN Review

And some Screenshots :o




Realese Date: 4th October, 2011 (updated)

Now what do you think about RAGE?

Post your opinion or your first impression right here :D!

Seriously :meh: Just do it!

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RAGE will sure be an unforgettable experience.

I just hope it will be as or even more dark, depressive and brutal

like in the mission I showed you guys :)

isn't society dark, depressive and brutal enough for you

I am talking about the game, dude! Not real life >.>

Don't get off-topic -.-

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Lol'd kinda hard @ Silver dot.

btw1, whats the release date of this?

btw2, and the game looks like kinda easy, i think there will be Hard and very hard options, tho.

btw3, Offtopic, Raptor, ur signature, its killzone 3. it sucks

btw4, im selling European killzone 3, offer me in my profile or @ steam :3

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1st. Read the hole topic, then you will know

2nd. Yeah, you can choose in which mode you play it and there will be a Hard-Mode

3rd. It doesn't suck :(

4th. ...Seriously, talk about the Game or make your own topic about trading games >.>

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The always very logical and yet, very well over-thought system requirements are announced! According to the creators of RAGE a 8800 GPU from nvidia could be as fast as a ATi HD4200 videochip. I like to see them proof that saying :yeah:

Because I am way too lazy to search for an English version of the announcement, I'm just going to post the original dutchfag version and translate it into a more popular language with my buddy google translate.

Bethesda heeft de systeemeisen voor Rage bekendgemaakt. Het schietspel vereist minimaal een dualcore-processor en een grafische kaart van het kaliber GeForce 8800 of Radeon 4200. De game verschijnt op 7 oktober.

Uitgever Bethesda heeft de systeemeisen van Rage bekendgemaakt op zijn blog. Rage zal draaien op Windows XP SP3, Vista en Windows 7. Minimaal wordt een Intel Core 2 Duo of gelijkwaardige AMD-processor vereist, waarbij Bethesda geen kloksnelheid noemt. Verder zijn twee gigabyte werkgeheugen en 25 gigabyte vrije ruimte op de harde schijf nodig. Van de grafische kaart wordt verwacht dat deze zich op zijn minst kan meten met een GeForce 8800 of Radeon 4200.

De aanbevolen systeemeisen liggen niet veel hoger; er worden een quadcore-processor en vier gigabyte werkgeheugen aangeraden. De aanbevolen videohardware bestaat uit een GeForce 9800GTX of ATI Radeon HD 5550. Bethesda meldt verder dat Rage gebruik zal maken van Steamworks. Het schietspel verschijnt op 7 oktober voor de pc, PlayStation 3 en Xbox 360.


Bethesda has announced the system requirements for Rage. The shooter requires at least a dual-core processor and a graphics card of GeForce 8800 or Radeon 4200 caliber. The game will appear on Oct. 7.

Publisher Bethesda has the system of Rage announced on his blog. Rage will run on Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7. A minimum of an Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD processor, with no clock called Bethesda. Furthermore, two gigabytes of RAM and 25 gigabytes of free space on your hard drive. The graphics card is expected to be at least on par with a GeForce 8800 or Radeon 4200.

The recommended system requirements are not much higher, there will be a quad-processor and four gigabytes of RAM is recommended. The recommended video hardware is a GeForce 9800GTX or ATI Radeon HD 5550. Bethesda also states that Rage will use Steamworks. The shooter will appear on Oct. 7 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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