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We now have a server at Also join the Steam group where all the updates will be posted.


I figured it's about time I made a topic. Some of you probably saw my progress update video:

What is it

Ragnarok Conflict will a brand new gamemode, stepping over the ashes of my GunRun experiment and taking along only the good stuff and a whole load of new ideas.

The story

The game is about two different sides. You have the human UNDF (United Nations Defense Force), and the alien colonization force, called the GNOA (Galactic New Orion Alliance). This struggle wasn't immediately triggered upon the alien arrival. The humans co-existed with the GNOA relatively peacefully for the first 10 years, allowing for technology and knowledge to be exchanged. Global tension and extremist actions pushed both parties into an all-out war for global domination.

How's that for a story.

The game

The fundamental element in this gamemode will be persistence. Maps (called flashpoints) are played based on a world map. The UNDF have their HQ in the west, the GNOA have their HQ in the east. Conquering the flashpoint on which the enemy HQ is located will trigger the ultimate victory... after which the world map will be reset and the circus can start anew.

On every flashpoint several rounds are played. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the flashpoint, and gets to vote what enemy flashpoint to attack next. The closer they get to enemy HQ, the harder it'll become for the winning team to keep on winning, since the flashpoint objectives will be more biased towards the defending team.

Every map will feature a game type. In the demo video you can see the game type featured in de_port: supply hunt. Both teams try to collect 10 supply crates before the other team does. This is but one of many game types that I'm planning on creating. Think of things like attack / defend, ctf, koth, VIP escort, NPC wars and all sorts of variants on these.

The player

Achievements, custom loadouts, equipable powerups, suits, it'll all be there. Green-Coins and a progression system (right now I think I'll call it War Experience) will be in place too.

The weapons

Almost all the weapons from GunRun (yes, they can reload now) and there will be loads more (I wasn't done yet, even in GunRun). Weapons can be upgraded with both familiar and crazy attachments. Some will unlock a secondary fire that can assist you in battle. Think of underbarrel grenades, deployable shields, or even airstrike designators. Since there's the excuse of an alien race in play, no weapon idea can be crazy enough.

The first release

Uhhhhhhhh... early September? It won't have all the features yet I wrote about, but there's nothing better than getting people to play it as soon as it's playable.

Questions, speculation, ideas of your own and other crazy talk

below this point

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There's one thing I'm trying to decide now: whether to have ironsights the usual style, or have them slightly angled past the weapon.

Type 1 (usual style)


Type 2 (angled style)


There a few reasons that I'm asking this. Most of the weapon models aren't designed for ironsights. When you shoot, the weapon dances all over the screen. Usually, you can see much less of what you're shooting at even though the purpose of ironsights is to increase accuracy. So I actually think type 2 is the way to go.

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