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Which AMD should I get?

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I was getting the AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4GHz 8MB, but how much better is the AMD Phenom X6 1090t 9MB? Is it worth the extra £30? Would the performance boost be really that noticable? This would mean me using the poorer standard CPU cooler that comes with the 1090t too,

From what I've seen it's not really much better in terms of gaming, but I don't want to just go on my instincts..

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Unless your games & programes don't make use of 6 cores, your computing performance will slightly decrease with the 1090T. 965BE = 3,4 GHz, 1090T = 3,2 GHz

Also, I've heard / read some rumors which say that the desktop versions of BD will be delayed again. (I've no official proofs, so you shouldn't take this too serious)

The prices will drop, but I'd rather buy the new generation. For instance, an i3-2100 is on the same height as a 965BE and the prices are almost the same. (But DO NOT BUY an AMD CPU NOW)

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