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hi there! so, I've got this idea that crossed my head sometime ago. Every good racer complains about the noobs that can't race and ruin their race right?

Ok, my thought: At the moment we have "dimensions", we could take them and make each dimension for a rank. Don't understand? I'll explain.

Consider that everymap has his own "time to beat". Not the top record, but a time that the player must beat in order to move to the next dimension.

"ASD joined from Hearth". Alright, at this point the racer joined the game, so he is at the lowest dimension possible. He will mostly play with noobs and laggers but if he finishes a number of maps in a row beating that time that was placed (the map "msdfallout" got a toptime of 1:57minutes. So lets consider the time to beat is 2:05minutes). If ASD can beat on each map the time given he will move to the next dimension, with better racers, and so on.

This is done constantly and each player must keep that pace. That means that ASD must finish atleast x map(s to stay in that dimension. If he doesnt meets his goals he will step a dimension down or if he accomplishes the goal of beating the time x map(s) in a row, he will, again, go up one dimension.

This ends when ASD reaches the highest dimension and plays with the highest of the racers. This will increase competitive among players.

The GreenCoins system would stay up aswell and complement the dimension system. But we could give greencoins for players that go up a dimension (10gc) and remove greencoins at those that lower a dimension (20gc).

Every dimension plays the same map as obviously.

Admins should have a command that could transfer them from a dimension to another like /dimension 2 so it could be easy to check if everything is ok there and deal with hackers.

So... let's recap: - Every map has a "time to beat"

- There are many dimensions (Dimension 1 , 2 and 3) or (dimension for the noobs, medium and pro)

- Everytime a player joins he starts at the worst dimension with the worst racers.

- You need to complete x maps in a row to go to the next dimension

- You need to, in time to time, finish before the time to beat. If not, you will lower a dimension

- Going to the next dimensions gets you 10gc and lower dimension removes you 20 gc.

- Admins should have a command like /dimension to be able to jump dimensions.

I don't have a clue if this its even possible, but i'm just trying to create a new thing that maybe could be a nice idea. i need your replies! :)

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the "time to beat" shouldnt be that hard for you to overcome it. It is only a measure to separate the good from the not so good racers.

if you come here to play, you want to play with racers that match your skills, therefor, this dimension plan could be a good thing to try.

There is no need to exist more than 3 dimensions: the bad, the medium and the good dimension.

The only downfall I can see it's that maybe it will be require alot of codding/scripting to accomplish this and maybe it will be more difficult to admins do a good job (in a dimension everyone is blocking, and in others everything is going smoothly). But for that, a common chatbox could help admins to check whats wrong. Like:

(Dimension 1) ASD: Player1235 is blocking!

when seing in the chat "dimension 1", admins could easily transport themselves to that dimension and see what is wrong.

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Good idea, but another idea is that the good players stop complaining. It would be boring in dimensions, it also gives you a continuous pressure of having to do your best otherwise you only race with players who're also crap. Good news for good players, bad news for the majority. Part of being a good player, is dodging 'n00bs'.

The -20 GC is a bad idea, it gives the n00bs even less chance to ever earn an income, and it also screws you up if you go AFK for a minute/you decide to chat a little.

Your idea has a few plusses, but enough minusses (at least for me) to be a sad panda if it will happen.

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