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Mr. Green Gaming

Darkstar is the real Santa Claus? :o

Luke Nukem

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I would like to start this topic of by thanking Darkstar, yes the man with a beard and great man tits. He has bought me and fellow members of the forums great STEAM gifts that were lingering on our wishlists waiting to be bought by our parents at Christmas time.

To anyone that has been gifted these amazing gifts just post a thank you message on this topic.

HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL P.S, Don't get to drunk, yeah? ;)

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I would like to thank Darkstar too for gifting me the two games I needed!

Here is what I would like to do with him in return,

First of all, I pick him up from his flat in Lancaster after a long hard day of working at Uni in a car like this classic_riley_green.jpg. And after blind folding him, I would take him a few miles away to the Sandpiper Club (a luxury spa nearby) where he'd be given a full body massage (I would tip the masseuse to leave the room and do it myself)

After working out all the tense knots in his back and taking him to the deepest levels of relaxation, Id drive back out again and take him to the Lititz restaurant - one of the most expensive restaurants in the county - and have the entire place booked for just me and him. The lights would be dim, little warm light would be beaming from scented candles on the middle of the table, and of course we would be drinking only the finest bottle of Chteau Le Pin Pomerol


And live band would be playing quietly in the background a personal song list picked by me, of songs along the lines of this

After treating him to the best food money can buy, it would be back to his place. Where we would get a bit sozzled on jack daniels, and then have deep graphic sex all night

(Darkstars face during)


Happy Christmas

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for buying me :




Have a merry christmass with lovely snow and a verry bright newyear (if you know what I mean (; )


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How the hell is this the first thing I read when I wake up. :wacko: Like I said, christmas does make people unusually horny

Oh and Thank you boxy for getting me borderlands which I completely forgot I had for a while. you are truely lovable cardboard

Oh again and Mogadon for dungeon defenders :V

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