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    Good luck Destro you will do great!
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    good luck Witchy!
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    Suck  cock of goldberg man i saw you swallow  alot of shit 

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    2. oneofmany
    3. oneofmany


      😂 the way u ran off when u saw jpap join was hilarious tho

    4. ChickenAttack


      is this another boy transitioning to man drug-fueled spergcuck attacks this server is famous for?


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      suck my penis i fuck ur mother anus untill she die 

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      you got power you are the lord of the server !  you are lord of the wankers and duches 

    4. BoyKa
  5. oneofmany

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    Why make it so complicated? Partly luck based, fully luck based, what's next, only <35% luck based maps? who's gonna count all that.. Why not exclude? Because last race event was like that so I suggested something opposite now.
  6. oneofmany

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    Maybe.. but i'm not the one saying to exclude luck based maps and in the next point to make sure NTS will be there, like come on lmao
  7. oneofmany

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Some suggestions from the grom- I think many of them have been suggested before and got ignored but maybe they should be reconsidered once again? Let's try Race: fix NTS mode- add the script from mix. Vehicles there change smoothly without jumping like there's an obstacle before every checkpoint. Also, add nitro pickups after each checkpoint and reroll (optionally) so it's more exciting Core markers- works great after latest fix except one bummer that ruins the fun every time.. With more players the one that is winning is getting punished by everyone behind slowing him down with the magnet.. How about letting the magnet appear more often but slow down the racer in front? I think it would even the odds Map winner's vote counts double- why not give him a bit more privilege? While we're on the subject - When there's a tie in vote for next or play again, if that's possible, make it a random choice so it's fair Disable paintjob option- for those with worse PCs, i've seen many ppl with fps lower than 30, I think if we added an option where u can permanently disable all paintjobs it would help a lot of people If i'm delusional with some of them then tell me but if not then maybe it's worth to give it a try
  8. oneofmany

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    Great idea, but imo if it's an event under the mrgreen label then we shouldn't exclude any type of maps ( maybe except destiny) and just play random ones. I mean last race tournament was cool but it might as well have been named FF$ tournament given the fact there was maybe 1 mrgreen map that was played. No discriminating please! I think pretty much at this point everyone should stop reading
  9. Hey lil kid, still here huh? My old polska kurwa 😚

  10. Po co to nagłaśniać..po co to, po co tamto..po co kurwa; jak już, to po co sprzedawać? Po co być konfidentem.. to jest kurwa pytanie. Jak żyć kurwa, będąc kurwa parówą.

    Łysy po ciebie idzie, prujdupo

  11. oneofmany

    Christmas event!

    SH Big f*cking madness
  12. oneofmany

    #1 Race Tournament

    You clearly have little idea of what you're talking about.. these 2 guys are ffs pros, but there are probably even better polish racers than them (i'm not one of them to be clear). Hands down to the winner. Top tier racers, altough there was just one actual mrgreen map, the rest was ffs stuff.
  13. oneofmany

    #1 Race Tournament

    gromghost777 ~xl~clan_city_steps_by_danny_nl
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