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  1. Oh wow no problem for the late reply... EPICCCCC im gonna download it and test it this weekend thanks thanks thanks
  2. VTraxx

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Can i request 3 more whitelist for some friends? : - dromexxvi - SamanthaNr1 - Celestrum - added
  3. VTraxx

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Please add; Pauloman20 - Added
  4. VTraxx

    Opinions on a possible FTB Revelations SMP server

    Im not sure how many people like modded servers but i think if this splits the current ammount of players over 2 servers, 1 or maybe both will be quite empty then.
  5. VTraxx

    Opinions on a possible FTB Revelations SMP server

    Hmm not sure about this, i like the way minecraft is now. Personally i dont need the extra mods/options. And does this also means that we start a new map?
  6. VTraxx

    Mr. Green Minecraft Survival

    Epic, thanks for bringing this server back!
  7. VTraxx

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    VTraxx - added
  8. Well he renting a minecraft server already for 3 weeks, and we playing on it..
  9. @Kodauer: Is the map from that era still available somewhere? (maybe as download) I remember Hulpje & me building a big building round building with some buildings on top of it. Would love to check how we build it. (as i'm only have this picture now)
  10. Just put minimum age to 18+ or 19+ and problem if solved
  11. Can the server get a reboot? it's quite laggy
  12. VTraxx

    Factions server ever return?

    +VTraxx, building together with hulpje And just created my first working elevator During christmas holiday played almost all days :-D Im love it
  13. I have some questions so i post it here since i didnt see you for some days at the server (usa/europe time difference) 1. Is it possible extend the daytime? It becomes quite fast night. Sometimes i have the idea that i'm playing on a 24/7 night minecraft server . 2. Is it possible to lower the ammount of mobs (zombies,creepers etc). During nighttime there are 1000000 mobs, you cannot even walk 1 meter without getting a mob behind you. And last question, also on behalf of Hulpje. 3. Is it possible to extend the world(map) border with 15 blocks?, Hulpje build our base to close to the world(map) border (The noob..) and now we missing 15 blocks to finish our base/towers. Greetings!
  14. VTraxx

    Tonniedekiller chest griefer

    Also stole from my chest..
  15. VTraxx

    Show your desktop background!

    I have a tool running that hides the icons that are not in the boxes on the screen :-p
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