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This is what ruins communities and clans


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I am beginning to see alot of argueing between clans on this forum and in-game.

Just a heads up to everyone, I was in OpticalGaming little over 1 year. It started out in 2004 and broke down in jan 2008 because of this, argueing, between, server admins, Senior admins and co-leaders, oh and members

This how an IRC chat looks like.

Danni = Me/server admin

Halcon = Server admin

Zydec = Senior Admin

Havocide3 = Co-leader


It's just a heads up for those who lead some kinda clan or forum for that matter.. Oh and ofcause, alot of backtalk was also doing the job..

Maybe you think I am an idiot by posting this, maybe, but it's advanced laerness from Oxford Univerity, LOL ;)

Any questions can and may be asked, also please comment if you want to.

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Off-topic, Danni you seem to have a creepy obsession with young boys & pedo bear in your photobucket album

And you seem to have an obsession with looking into ppls private photo album?

And the pedo bear thing was a fun pic thread we made on the OG forum.

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Oh, so that's what happened at OpticalGaming. I used to spend my TF2 times there, because there were some people who knew how to play, as well as some generally nice guys. I was wondering where it went once it disappeared. Luckily, Mr. Green provides me with decent and nice TF2 players now.

And if one thing is sure to ruin communities, it's people claiming to be better/ having a greater part in the community and therefore being superior. It's often on forums when people with 2,000 posts start disregarding opinions and ideas of people with less than 100 posts.

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I sure hope to steer this community in the right direction if it grows beyond its current size (which I sure hope it does). Selecting people to act as admin is a tricky business. We once had this admin called Billy Wu on the ZS server that started to act more and more cocky about it after a few months, eventually claiming he could not be demoted because of all he contributed.

Well we sure proved him wrong.

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