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Hey guys,

Today I want to the local book shop and I found this:


This sparked interest in comic books again.

When I was a child I read a lot of comic books but I kind of stopped :V

Do you guys read Comic Books and which ones?

Where do you buy them and do you think making comic books about video games is a good idea ?

I honestly do think this is a great idea, the artistic drawings are wonderfull.

It just gives a nostalgic feeling when I'm reading the comic books tough AC isn't that old.

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The Watchmen comic has to be my favourite, but I am a fan of Manga myself and the Ghost Shell, Yu-gi-oh, and Gundam series.

Pic Comics

These come with English translations now.

Pic Yu-GI-Oh

You like yu-gi-oh ?

I never really liked japanese games :V

Tough I'm interested in Manga :D

Been a FAN for years. Stopped collecting and duelling when I was 13. Went to conventions in Birmingham and London at weekends. Good times. Playstation 1 there was a game called Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden memories and on the Playstation 2 duellist of the roses spent many hours killing them of :)

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Donald Duck mostly.

I've been ordering Donald Duck since 2000,and I'm not planning on stopping my order, I have every magazine since 1991(+ 100-200 pocket books). Also got Don Rosa's signature on 4 of his books(3 are signed personally to me of course ^^).

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This year someone in my class gave me her Donald Duck collection, and that plus the collection I had myself makes up for a huge collection.

I read an average of 3 Donald Duck Magazines a day.

That includes all the written stories that appeared in the magazines before the 00's.

And ha! I bet the Dutch Donald Ducks are better than the Finnish! We had Prinses Aster!!!

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And ha! I bet the Dutch Donald Ducks are better than the Finnish! We had Prinses Aster!!!

Doubt it, they have the same stories. I dont know who or what "Prinses Aster" is.

A Dutch comic that has 2 series, which appeared in Donald Duck. One appeared in 1999, the other in 2001.

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Used to subscribe to Beano, usually read Tintin at my grandparents house, we used to take walks to salts mill to look at David Hockney pictures (but mainly to go upstairs and read the Tintin books without buying them)

Just a silly question,

do they call tintin tintin in the netherlands?

Or just 'Kuifje' ?

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Speaking of Donald, here's a nice website I found a while ago: http://disneycomics.free.fr/index_rosa_date.php

Reading Donald Duck from something other than paper; a disgrace.

Reading classic Don Rosa stories from something other than paper; even worse.

Some of us didn't have parents who bought us every Don Rosa comic that was published...

/agree. If id wanted to buy all the stuff ive read id be considerably poorer atm :l tbh i dont see the diff from reading from paper to the internets. Although a pyhsical copy is nicer, is it just me that likes old comic smell lol? ;p

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