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heya all,

i was wondering while in media today doing some research, what if i was to create i dont know, some sprays for gmod or whatever, but mr. green based?

as in involving the logo and other things and a surprise spray which im not saying about until you see it :P

but let me know what you guys/gals think and if its ok to do so (looking at TopCrew)


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It's a custom font I've found, but you may recognise it the most from this:

Just gonna take a wild guess and say its ccalled Riot?



(But the font only works with Photoshop really, due to the crappy line spacing)

Hehe Thnx ^^

Lol i dreamt my admin app was approved ^^ XD (computer dreams ftw? pfft u never have those? ^.- :rolleyes: Only true geeks do B)

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Sneed's new pic is at least 1000 times better than the he-man one and the he-man one was fucking awesome. Lol at first i didnt know what it was(scrolling too fast down the page) I scroll back up and go wait WTF was that? Then i watch it as its dangling right in front of my face and i bust out laughing so hard that i woke my brother and he was on the other side of the house.

to sum it all up: My favorite signature ever.

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