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The story of your Nickname!

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Hey guys!

Today at work i asked myself : Why Roborobb has the name Roborobb?

What is the sense behind catbread?

And why does this one admin call himself like a protoss?

Tell everyone your story!

Where did you get the idea?

How long were you using it,yet?

Do you have any alternatives to your primary nickname?

I'm curious to your reply!

Well...ok. I've started this topic so i'll begin:

Chainsawman...hehe it is a very strange name, isn't it?

It all happened in a little 2D-shooter game : Soldat

It was a bad day and all i had to do was playing this freakin' game!

Of course you're using your primary weapons 99% of the fight....But there was no other chance.

Don't you understand!? I had to do it!

It was time for the ultimate secondary weapon...the chainsaw.

To my surprise it worked very well!

Too good!

Than every server heard about that guy...and his chainsaw.

A new player was born : THE CHAINSAWMAN

Why was it so easy to kill everyone?

Why could nobody rescue himself?

Was i born to be the choosen one with the chainsaw?

I'll never know.

Before it ended in the biggest chainsaw-massacre in the world i deleted the game.

And now....hehe...now i'm waiting for the next game with the ultimate power of the chainsaw...


I'm using the name since i am 14.

My alternatives are my nickname mixed with touhou stuff.(Except Roborobb's Sexysawman edition)

Now i'm waiting for the next guy!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

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Botervloot means Butterdish.

If you get owned by, say, Masterkilla, you think, shit, I got owned by Masterkilla.

If you OWN Masterkilla, you think, Wow, I just killed Masterkilla.

So thats +1, -1.

If you get owned by Botervloot, you think: WTF, I just got killed by a fuckin' butterdish!

If you OWN Botervloot, you think, oh, it's just a butterdish.

+2, -0.


I just needed a really emberasing name, and Butterdish is the least you would think of.

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Gather round children and I shall tell a story, a story about the origins of ERROR 401,

It all started like this you see, there was once two brothers, who just couldnt agree on what to call themselves on steam. It was constantly changing depending on which brother was on steam, one brother liked the name darkstar56, whereas the other one liked error 401. The one who liked error 401 was always whining whenever the name got changed to darkstar56, the elder brother who liked darkstar56 changed it back to error 401 to stop the younger brother from whining, because frankly, hes a bit of a noob at times.

However the reason why the younger brother liked error 401 was lost on the elder brother until the younger brother said that he couldnt remember the numbers for page not found error on internet exploder, the older brother the pointed out that it was error 404 for page not found. Since then neither brother cannot be bothered to change the name to error 404 as was meant, instead both brothers think that error 401 is being individual, as now we are named after unauthorised access

That my children is the unparalled story of the origins of ERROR 401


Edited by ERROR 401
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Uhm ... see if i can remember, OH I KNOW.

it had several reasons.

one reason was: Everyone has names with the words: Dark, Ninja, Shadow,Pwn,Killer,ownu etc etc. i choose something comepletely different AKA Hundred1

But how Hundred?? You are Hundred2 NOT hundred1!

Well if anyone remembers the game Age Of Mythology, I was obsessed with Multiplayer and my name was Hundred1 because it was something not generic.

BUT on a faithful day. i forgot my password of the Account.

So i created a new account named Hundred2, and i have always kept that name because i have NEVER EVER NEVER seen someone with Hundred in his name :D.

Dang that was boring

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Mine is quite boring.... Sneed is from a boss in World of warcraft :P and i have no idea what beard came from just something i made up i think :o (i dont have a beard YET)

wasnt it something to do with catbread?

Oh yeah now i remember she forced me to change my name to sneedbeard XD

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Erm, I remember.

First, my name that I use on forums is black-wolf. Then, I wanted a new avatar. So I used google search: Avatar.

I took a squirrel with a AT-4. Then, I bought BF2142 and created an account, that was named: Devil-Squirrel. (or something like that)

Well, then I sort of used it for my new nicknames.

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Some really interesting stories here, I will be interested to see other peoples tales on how they came up with there weird usernames.

With me, Its a long story but basically a dude I used to know used to call a variety of nicknames - RoboCop, Robster or Robbo -etc. (my name is Robbie if you didnt know).

I thought It was quite funny, But I was using other Usernames at the time - Mainly Gunnerob or Yoda's Cocaine Dealer - But they didn't flow very nicely and didn't "roll of the tongue" well.

So I though for a good long time about a username that worked well and that was fairly interesting so that you would remember it.. then I remembered being called RoboCop & removed the cop part and replaced it with Robb! (Because RoboCop is a douche)

But yeah seriously, I dont like RoboCop. That freaks people out a bit for some reason.

Ive been using this Username for about 2/3 years.

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I'll tell you where do my name comes from.

It's obvious,how can't you see it comes from Mc Donald?

Yeah,but I used chikennugget1 cause it was(and it's still today)my msn adress.I have it since around 2003.

I have of course some other names,but I use this one on steam and zs cause everybody knows me with it. (do you prefer -Spectrom-,Gunvengeur,Magicorange...? :D)

Yeah,now you know where does it comes from,pretty unoriginal,but it's ok^^

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Well I used to REALLY like this band called MUSE, and i saw them live and thought they were just awesome. So I coined the name Knight of Cydonia from their song "Knights of cydonia". Then it kinda changed to just Knight and I stuck another "i" in at some point.

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I was new to steam about half a year ago (Only been a PC gamer for one year, used to be a console guy) and started out with my very generic name kingozzy666. This was a combination of King from the name "king ov hell" who was the bassist for a band called gorgoroth, ozzy which is short for my name oscar (I dont let people call me ozzy tho XD) and the 666 was just an extra.

However, I used to play on a Hl2:DM puzzle server alot and there was one guy who abused me loads calling me an emofag etc etc. So I thought fuck this and changed my name, DEATHbyCROWBAR was the first thing that popped into my head and, well, the name stuck. Maybe I will change it again someday, but as I'm so ingrained in a community now I doubt I will. (doesn't stop sam though)

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My nickname came about when I was joining Xbox live back when the original had released it. I wanted a better name than what I used to have, so I attempted to use different names. Each one failed, obviously, because there was a large userbase by the time I joined(Six months in, I believe).

So I tried Unreal, which was taken. Interesting thing is, Xbox suggested several other names as alternatives and I picked this one. It's stuck with me for the last 5+ years, and it's still a very cool name. :P

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