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How-to make a person happy!


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How to make a person happy! :)

*Give compliments, lots of attention too!

*Lots of smiley emotions(good, positive ones)

*Long hug

*Giving a cake :D

* And best of all, find a way to make that person happy by yourself! ;D

(I know, I'm bad at giving tutorials x.x)

Making a person happy, or maybe making their day is a good thing to do. And if your lucky,

maybe some people will also make your happy-day :D

To you who are reading this:

You're cute, cool and everyone likes you!

You're hot, and superawesome ;D

* Hug *

I'm giving you my cake, my specialcake with icing on top. :3^

OH OH! Remember to say Merry Christmas, even it's not christmas yet. But soon it is :P

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Merry Christmas...Brainy Zombiemas :D ..to all.. want to hug? sure, lemme get this bloody shirt off (damn zombie survival XD) ! I'll bake a cake too ...with jabba's special silver winter xMaS icing toping!!! (WTF =) )

... ok,ok this is stupid ... here's a nice worm hug (>:D<) ..

the cake is above :P

your cute ..:P (yeah, like bagcat)

and not last but least , lots of smileys : :) :) :):D :D >:D< :* :* !

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